Balance Domain

To Cleric Domains

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The Lore of the Gods
Book One: The Greek Gods

Lead Designers
Steven Creech and Kevin Ruesch Lead Editor Steven Schend Creative Director Jim Butler Art Director
Todd Morasch Artwork Aaron D. Siddal

Deities: Demeter and Eros

Granted Power: Once per day, you can cast Protection vs. Law, Chaos, Good and Evil each, as a free action.

Balance Domain Spell:

1. Weighing the Balance Determine how far removed from True Neutral subject is.
2. Calm Emotions. Calms 1d6 subjects/level, negating emotion effects.
3. Prayer. Allies gain +1 on most rolls, and enemies suffer –1.
4. Dismissal. Forces a creature to return to native plane.
5. Divine Arbitration. Make a fair and unbiased judgment to solve a conflict.
6. Shared Fate. Links two targets. What happens to one happens to both.
7. Banishment. Banishes 2 HD/level extra planar creatures.
8. Equalization. Shifts most radical aspect of subject’s alignment toward Neutral.
9. Antipathy. Object or location affected by spell repels certain creatures.

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To Cleric Domains

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