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Celtic Druids and the Tuatha de Dannan

By Dominique Crouzet

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The changing of shape, either as disguise trick, a curse on others, or even a symbol of reincarnation, is an archetype of the Celtic literature. Math Mathonwy for instance was a great user of polymorph magic; the Morrigan continuously changed her form to deceive others; and the druid Mogh Ruith turned many of his foes to stone. On the other hand, several heroes were transformed into apples or grains of wheat, and then, after having been eaten by some woman were reborn from her.

Granted Power: Disguise is a class skill, and you gets a +2 skill bonus to all your Disguise checks.

Mutation Domain Spells

1. change self. Changes your appearance.
2. Alter self. As change self, plus more drastic changes.
3. Gaseous form. Subject becomes insubstantial and can fly slowly.
4. Reincarnation. Brings dead subject back in a random body.
5. Polymorph self. You assume a new form.
6. Polymorph others. Gives one subject a new form.
7. Flesh to stone. Turns subject into statue.
8. Polymorph any object. Changes any subject into anything else.
9. Shapechange. Transforms you into any creature, and change form once per round.

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To Cleric DomainsTo New Celtic Domains

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