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Max Slevogt - Sandstorm in the Libyan Desert - 1914 Max Slevogt - Sandstorm in the Libyan Desert - 1914

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Granted Power: Once per day, you can shape a small amount of sand into any solid object you can imagine, up to 8 cubic feet in volume. You can shape one object or several, up to a number equal to your Wisdom bonus, as long as the total volume does not exceed 8 cubic feet. You must make a special Wisdom check (d20 + your Wisdom modifier + 1/2 your cleric level) against a DC determined by the size and complexity of the item. The item to be created has a base DC of 5, plus the modifiers on the table below.

Item Complexity Modifier
Fine details +2
Functioning tool +2
Functioning armor/weapon +5
Multiple parts +5
Masterwork version +10
Moving parts +10

Each attempt to create an item requires a number of minutes equal to its DC. You can take 10 or take 20 on this check. Created items persist for 1 minute per cleric level, and can only be solid objects. The objects created have no magical properties, though they radiate faint transmutation magic.

All items created in this fashion have hardness 5 and hit points as follows: Fine 1, Diminutive 2, Tiny 3, Small 5, Medium 8, Large 10.

Sand Domain Spells

Waste Strider: Move through desert environments without penalties.
White Sand: Creates a 20-ft.-radius area of white sand.
Haboob: Swirling grit obscures vision, blows smaller creatures over, and deals nonlethal damage.
Blast of Sand: Cone deals 1d6 damage/level.
Flaywind Burst: Blows away and knocks down smaller creatures and deals 1d6 damage/level.
Awaken Sand [X]: A region of sand forms into a Huge, sentient creature.
Vitrify: Melts sand into glass.
Desert Binding [M]: Imprisons creature as sand in an hourglass or wind in the waste.
Summon Desert Ally IX: Calls dustform creature to fight.

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To Cleric Domains

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