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Egyptian God Set, from KV34 (tomb of Thutmosis III) Photo taken by Hajor, Dec 2002. Egyptian God Set, from KV34 (tomb of Thutmosis III) Photo taken by Hajor, Dec 2002. 

Granted Power (not received without Greater Divine Dominion feat): You can command Snake creatures as per the spell Command.

Snakelike creatures with an Intelligence score of 4 or greater may not be commanded in this way

Lvl Name Description
1 Protection from Good+2 AC and saves, counter mind control, hedge out elementals and outsiders
2 Summon Monster IISummons Fiendish Viper, Tiny
3 Poison Touch deals 1d10 Constitution damage, repeats in 1 Min
4 Summon Monster IVSummons Fiendish Viper, Medium or 1d4+1 Fiendish Vipers, Tiny
5 Summon Monster V Summons Fiendish Viper, Large, or 1d3 Medium, or 1d4+1 Tiny
6 summon monster VISummons Fiendish Viper, Huge, or 1d3 Large, or 1d4+1 Medium
7 Reincarnate Brings Subject back in a random body
8 Summon Monster VIIISummons 1d4+1 Fiendish Viper, Huge
9 Earthquake Intense tremor shakes 5. ft/ level radius

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To Cleric Domains

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