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Wojciech Gerson (1831–1901) Title: Gdan'sk in the 17th century.
Wojciech Gerson (1831–1901) Title: Gdan'sk in the 17th century.

To Cleric Domains

(Player's Guide to Faerûn)

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Deities: Nephthys, Hermes

Granted Powers: You may use detect thoughts once per day as a spell-like ability. Activating this ability is a free action, and it affects one target. The effect lasts a number of minutes equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum 1 round).

Trade Domain Spells

1 Message: Whispered conversation is audible at distance.
2 Gembomb: Converts gems into bombs.
3 Eagle's Splendor: Subject gains +4 to Charisma for 1 min./level.
4 Sending: Delivers short message anywhere, instantly.
5 Fabricate: Transforms raw materials into finished items.
6 True Seeing: Lets you see all things as they really are.
7 Mages Magnificent Mansion: Door leads to extradimensional mansion.
8 Mind Blank: Subject is immune to mental/emotional magic and scrying.
9 Discern Location: Reveals exact location of creature or object.

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To Cleric Domains

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