To Norse Gods

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Captioned as "Odur verläßt abermals die trauernde Gattin" (English "Odur leaves the grieving wife once more"), depicting Óðr leaving Freyja. Captioned as "Odur verläßt abermals die trauernde Gattin" (English "Odur leaves the grieving wife once more"), depicting Óðr leaving Freyja.

God of the Sun
Sun disk
Home Plane: Asgard
Alignment: Chaotic good
Portfolio: Light, sun, travel
Worshipers: barbarians, druids, rangers, blacksmiths, and those who travel overland
Cleric Alignments: CG, CN, NG
Domains: Chaos, Fire, Sun
Favored Weapon: bastard sword

Odur is a mysterious god who may be an aspect of Odin. Odur married Freya and is responsible for the day chariot crossing the sky. Consequently, he is often away from Asgard, causing his wife to weep tears of gold.


Odur’s cult teaches that freedom from care and worry comes from accepting responsibility and duty with joy. Worshipers believe that Odur sets out every day to drive the chariot of the sun across the sky with anticipation, finding something new each day. They seek to emulate his wise appreciation for the world around them.

Clergy and Temples

Odur’s clergy make annual pilgrimages to sites dedicated to the sun to watch for the day chariot to rise after the longest night of the year. Otherwise, they’re found smiling as they work to maintain their temple and care for their faithful.

Odur’s temples appear incongruous next to others of the Asgardian pantheon because they tend to be open structures, welcoming the sun’s light. Observant visitors note the sturdy shutters stored around the building, ready to make it defensible. Most temples have sacred fires that are tended day and night, never allowed to burn out. Some have smithies.

Visitors to Odur ’s temples find themselves put to work almost immediately. Those who do the work willingly and without complaint are welcome to eat and drink with the clergy. Those who complain or shirk their task find themselves outside the temple.

Fighter 20/Sorcerer 20

Medium-Size outsider

Divine Rank:


Hit Dice:

20d8+320 (outsider) plus 20d10+320 (Fighter) plus 20d4+320 (Sorcerer ) (1,400 hp)


+13 (+9 Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative)


60 ft.


55 (+9 Dexterity, +4 divine, +17 natural, +7 armor [+5 arrow deflection reflecting large steel shield], +8 deflection)


+5 brilliant energy bastard sword +58/+53/+48/+43 melee; or spell +52 melee touch or +53 ranged touch


+5 brilliant energy bastard sword 1d10+15/17–20 or by spell


5 ft. by 5 ft./5 ft.

Special Attacks:

Domain powers, salient divine abilities, spell-like abilities.

Special Qualities:

Divine immunities, DR 39/+4, cold resistance 24, understand, speak, and read all languages and speak directly to all beings within 4 miles, remote communication, godly realm, teleport without error at will, plane shift at will, familiar (hawks), SR 36, divine aura (40 ft., DC 22).


Fort +52, Ref +47, Will +45.


Strength 27, Dexterity 29, Constitution 42, Intelligence 25, Wisdom 25, Charisma 26.


Climb +42, Concentration +58, Craft (metalworking) +55, Handle Animal +50, Intimidate +26, Intuit Direction +43, Jump +42, Knowledge (arcana) +49, Knowledge (nature) +43, Knowledge (the planes) +43, Listen +45, Profession (metalworker) +49, Ride (horse) +53, Scry +43, Spellcraft +49, Spot +45.


Alertness, Blind-Fight, Cleave, Combat Casting, Combat Reflexes, Dodge, Endurance, Energy Substitution (Fire), Eschew Materials, Exotic Weapon Proficiency (bastard sword), Combat Expertise, Extend Spell, Great Cleave, Improved Bull Rush, Improved Critical (bastard sword), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Lightning Reflexes, Mobility, Mounted Combat, Power Attack, Power Critical (bastard sword), Quick Draw, Ride-By Attack, Spirited charge, Spring Attack, Sunder, Trample, Weapon Focus (bastard sword), Weapon Specialization (bastard sword), Whirlwind Attack.
Divine Immunities: Ability damage, ability drain, acid, cold, death effects, disease, disintegration, electricity, energy drain, mind-affecting effects, Paralysis, poison, sleep, stunning, transmutation.
Salient Divine Abilities: Alter Form, Alter Size, Automatic Metamagic (quicken sorcerer spells), Divine Radiance, Wave of Chaos.

Domain Powers:

Cast chaos spells at +1 caster level; 11/day turn or destroy water creatures, or rebuke or command fire creatures; 4/day greater turning.

Spell-Like Abilities:

Odur uses these abilities as a 14th-level caster, except for chaos spells, which he uses as a 15th-level caster. Save DCs are 22 + spell level.

animate objects, burning hands, chaos hammer, cloak of chaos, dispel law, elemental swarm (as fire spell only), endure elements (as cold or fire spell only), fire seeds, fire shield, fire storm, flame strike, heat metal, incendiary cloud, magic circle against law, prismatic sphere, produce flame, protection from law, Resist Energy (as cold or fire spell only), searing light, shatter, summon monster IX (as chaos spell only), sunbeam, sun burst,
wall of fire, word of chaos.

Sorcerer Spells Known (6/8/8/8/8/7/7/7/7/6; base DC = 18 + spell level; 15% arcane spell failure chance):

0—dancing lights, daze, detect magic, disrupt undead, flare, light;

1st—burning hands, color spray, endure elements, enlarge person, expeditious retreat;

2nd—continual flame, daylight, flaming sphere, pyrotechnics, see invisibility;

3rd—dispel magic, fireball, flame arrow, halt undead;

4th—fire shield, fire trap, scrying, wall of fire;

5th—passwall, prying eyes, summon monster V, wall of force;

6th— control weather, legend lore, true seeing;

7th—delayed blast fireball, prismatic spray, vision;

8th—incendiary cloud, power word blind, sun burst;

9th—foresight, meteor swarm, weird.

Possessions: Odur carries a +5 arrow deflection reflecting large steel shield.

Other Divine Powers

As a demigod, Odur treats a 1 on an attack roll or saving throw normally and not as an automatic failure. He is immortal.

Senses: Odur can see, hear, touch, and smell at a distance of four miles. As a standard action, he can perceive anything within four miles of his worshipers, holy sites, objects, or any location where one of his titles or name was spoken in the last hour. He can extend his senses to up to two locations at once. He can block the sensing power of deities of his rank or lower at up to two remote locations at once for 4 hours.

Portfolio Sense: Odur instantly senses the beginning of any overland journey greater than thirty miles that involves one thousand people or more, or the beginning of any overland journey greater than one thousand miles regardless of the number of people involved. He also senses the forging of any metal item worth more than 1,000 gp.

Automatic Actions: Odur can use Craft (metalworking), Handle Animal, or Intuit Direction as a free action if the DC for the task is 15 or lower. He can perform up to two such free actions in a round.

Create Magic Items: Odur can create any magic item related to determining directions or controlling animals and teams of animals, as long as the item’s market price does not exceed 4,500 gp.

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