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Heroes of Fantasy
Author August Hahn, Tim Hitchcock, Joseph Miller, Ian Sturrock, John Thompson, Paul Tucker & Patrick Younts
Series Power Classes
Publisher Mongoose Publishing
Publish date 2005
Pages 128
ISBN 1-1-905176-59-7
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This is a very lightweight, flexible tunic made from 10 to 20 layers of linen, glued together and stiffened. A double skirt of thick leather flaps protects the groin and hips. The lower right arm is encased in a hard leather vambrace, and the lower right leg and knee in an iron or bronze greave that is fitted to each individual wearer. A sturdy but highly ornamented full-face helmet is included. This combination gives excellent protection where it is needed, but remains very lightweight and easy to Run and fight in. It is very expensive due to the quality of both the materials and workmanship required to turn layers of linen into a viable and effective suit of armour. Unlike Padded armour, the layers of linen keep the wearer cool even under a blazing sun. Light hoplite armour is implicitly designed to be used with a decent-sized shield – the heaviest protection is given to the areas that a shield cannot easily defend. Without a shield, the body and upper arms are particularly vulnerable. For this reason, if the wearer does not use a heavy shield or tower shield with it, the armour bonus of light hoplite armour is temporarily reduced to +3.

Light armor
Armor Cost Armor/Shield Bonus Maximum Dexterity Bonus Armor Check Penalty Arcane Spell Failure Chance Speed (30 ft.) Speed (20 ft.) Weight. 1
Light hoplite armour* 200 gp +4 +4 -1 15% 30 ft. 20 ft. 20 lbs.

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