d Angels Trumpet


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Price 75 gp; Weight —

Type drug, ingested; Addiction
minor; Save Fortitude DC 18

Effect (1 hour)

User gains a +2 alchemical
bonus on initiative checks, +4 alchemical bonus on Diplomacy
and Bluff checks, +4 alchemical bonus on saves
against fear and compulsions, and is fatigued.

If the user fails a save
against a fear or compulsion effect with a duration other than instantaneous
or permanent, the user ignores the effect but is dazed for a number of rounds
equal to the effect’s spell level (or 1d4 rounds if the effect has no spell
level). Effects that have an instantaneous or permanent duration are not altered
by the presence of angel’s trumpet in a creature’s system.

Effects (1d4 days)

User gains the light blindness
special quality, becoming blinded and sickened for 1 round if exposed to bright
light, such as sunlight or the daylight
spell, and dazzled for as long as she remains in areas of bright light.

Damage 1d4 Constitution
and 1d4 Wisdom damage


(20 realgar + 20 salt +
30 urea)/digestion; Skill Craft (alchemy)
DC 18; Time 1 day; Tools heat source; Type drug

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