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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

OGL Section 15 ueg2

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The hollow heel boot
is a simple item that never goes out of style amongst those with something
they would like to hide. The hollow heel can be purchased as part of a new
pair of boots or, if the customer is willing to part with his own boots for
a couple of days, can be added to an existing boot.

The hollow heel of a
boot is held securely to the sole of the boot, detaching only when a small,
hidden catch near the base of the heel is triggered. Obviously, the amount
of material that can be hidden inside a hollow heel boot is fairly limited.
Depending on the avocation of the wearer, a hollow heel boot might be used
to hold a few small lockpicks, a finger blade, an item of great value such
as a rare jewel or even a secret message.

It is possible, though
difficult, to detect whether or not someone is wearing hollow heels boots
by listening to him walk. With a successful Listen
skill check (DC 20), the listener is able to discern the boot heels are hollow.
This DC is reduced to 15 if the wearer of the hollow heel boots is running.
Games Masters should note that these checks only apply if the wearer of the
boots is crossing stone or some other unyielding surface. If the wearer is
moving through mud, for example, it is impossible to tell the boot heels are
hollow. Examining a boot is the easiest way to determine if it has a hollow
heel. Though the catch to release the heel is hidden as well as possible,
it can be found with a successful Search
skill check (DC 10).

Boots, Hollow Heel
(per heel): 10 gp

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