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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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Originally designed to
be worn on ice, spike boots have become a popular accessory for adventurers
in all climes. The sole of the boot is formed of multiple layers of boiled leather,
through which are driven a score of short, thick nails. More layers of leather
and padding are added atop the nails, preventing them from being pushed up into
the foot of the wearer by the pressure of walking or running in the boots. After
experimentation with several kinds of metal, Jahlia finally conceded that only
adamantine was strong enough to withstand the punishment the nails of a pair
of spike boots receive, and now uses adamantine nails exclusively.

Spike boots grant the wearer
exceptionally good footing, as the nails naturally dig into almost any surface
(only polished stone and metal surfaces offer no bonuses to someone wearing
spike boots). On most surfaces, from ice to wood to earth, spike boots impose
a –2 penalty on any Trip attempt made against the wearer. On rough stone,
that penalty is reduced to –1.

Additionally, spike boots
increase any damage the wearer does with a kick attack by one hit point, and
act as an adamantine weapon for the purposes of penetrating damage reduction.

There is a trade-off to
wearing spike boots, however. The sound of adamantine nails grinding and crunching
against the ground imposes significant penalties on any attempt to Move
. Wearers of spike boots suffer a penalty of anything from –2
(for soft earth) to –10 (for metal or stone). An adventurer who is careless
about where he wears the boots may find there are other drawbacks, as the boots
have a tendency to scar anything they walk across, something that Non-Player
Characters from nobles to ship captains may take exception to.

Boots, Spike (pair):
40 gp; 6 lb.

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