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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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A quicksheath is specially
designed to reduce the time required to pull out (not sheathe) a weapon. It
looks as a normal sheath, though it is fitted with special buttons and springs
allowing it to release its contents almost instantly. There are three types
of quicksheath: light quicksheaths (made for light weapons), Medium quicksheaths
(made for one-handed weapons) and heavy quicksheaths (made for two-handed
weapons). Quicksheaths work only for blades (such as daggers or swords), not hafted weapons (such as axes or maces) or ranged weapons (such
as slings or bows). A quicksheath may be used
to sheathe all blades of its corresponding type; for example, a Medium quicksheath
can carry a rapier, longsword or Scimitar.
A blade carried in a quicksheath is called a ‘quicksheathed’ weapon.

Quicksheaths are yet
another invention by Ambricus of the Adroit Arms store, which he designed
with the idea of helping warriors to be always ready in any situation. The
weapon engineer is so proud of his creation he usually shows it to customers
even if they do not express a wish to even buy a blade; his desire to show
it off is such he has set up a special offer, giving a free quicksheath with
the purchase of any masterwork blade. Whether the special offer is currently
in effect or not is completely up to the Games Master.

A quicksheathed weapon
may always be unsheathed (not sheathed) as a free action, regardless of the
wielder’s training. If the wielder of the weapon has the Quick Draw feat,
he may draw a quicksheathed weapon as a reaction, even if it is not his turn.
A quicksheath never affects the time required to sheathe a weapon or put it

Ambricus sells masterwork quicksheaths, costing twice the listed price. These quicksheaths give the
wielder a +2 bonus to his initiative on the round he pulls out his quicksheathed

Quicksheath (Light):
75 gp; 1 lb.

Quicksheath (Medium):
150 gp; 2 lb.

Quicksheath (Heavy):
225 gp; 3 lb.

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