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The Gates of Hell (Dice Freaks)

Grimoire of Cosmic Entities Volume One By Eli Atkinson, William Church and Serge W. Desir, Jr.
Original Concept by Serge W. Desir, Jr.

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Your attacks are potentially fatal to the focus of your blood oath.

Prerequisites: Intimidate 39 ranks, Baneful Oath, greater blood oath class feature.

Benefits: Any weapon that you wield against the focus of your blood oath is treated as a dread weapon, dealing an additional 4d6 points of damage on every successful strike, and increasing its enhancement bonus on attack by +4. Damage dealt by you to your focus overcomes regeneration of any type. Any time you score a critical hit against the focus of your blood oath, she must make a Fortitude save (DC 10 + ½ your class levels) or die instantly. This feat overlaps (does not stack with) the Baneful Oath feat.

Diabolical Oaths, Prestige Classes of Perdition, and Non-Standard Races

Diabolical Oath feats have been designed with mortals in mind · mortals foolish enough to make bargains with the Devils. You will note in our write-ups of powerful devils, such as Martinet, Constable of Nessus, that fiends never take these feats, even though they have sworn fealty to more powerful devils again (e.g. Martinet's oaths are to Asmodeus, the Lord of the Nine). As a general rule, non-standard races that are not mortal (particularly outsiders) should never take a Diabolical Oath as one of their feats.

In the event that it is desired that an outsider take one of the prestige classes mentioned in this chapter, it is best to assume an alternate prerequisite to take the place of the Diabolical Oath. However, these prestige classes have been written, once again, with mortals in mind, and so outsiders should generally steer clear of their ranks.

outsiders with the native subtype, such as a Marquis half-fiend goblin, have no such restrictions, and can take Diabolical Oath feats or diabolical Prestige Classes as they wish.


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