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You may target a single creature with a devastating succession of blows.

Prerequisites: Strength 20, BAB +20, Greater Two-Weapon Fighting feat, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting feat, Power Attack feat, Two-Weapon Fighting feat.

Benefit: When wielding a weapon in each hand and focusing your attacks against a single target, you progressively strike more accurately and for more damage. If you successfully strike the target with a two-weapon melee attack, all subsequent and consecutive iterative and off-hand attacks made against that same creature that round enjoy a cumulative +1 morale bonus to attack and damage rolls with each successful strike. If all of your possible iterative and off-hand attacks in a round successfully strike the same creature, you receive an additional off-hand attack against that creature at a -15 penalty; this additional off-hand attack does not benefit from the morale bonuses of this feat. If you fail to strike the targeted creature with any attack or you switch targets, you lose the benefits of this feat for the remainder of your turn. For example, if your first attack of the round strikes the targeted creature, then your next attack that round, if you target the same creature, enjoys a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls; if that second attack successfully strikes, then your third attack that round, if it targets the same creature, enjoys a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls; and so on. If your second attack had missed the target, you would lose the benefit of this feat for the rest of your turn. If you had targeted all of your possible two-weapon attacks against the target and successfully struck each time, you would received the bonus off-hand attack.

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