feat Greater Spell Specialization

Spell Specialization (General)


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You cast a particular spell
with even greater power.

Prerequisites: Caster
level 10, Improved Spell Specialization in the selected spell, Spell Specialization
in the selected spell.

Benefit: Select
any spell in which you enjoy Improved Spell Specialization. When casting this
spell, you enjoy a +1 bonus to any damage dealt (up to +1 per die of damage
per spell level) and to any required attack roll and a +2 bonus to the spell’s
save DC, caster level, and to any Concentration
checks made during the casting of the spell. This stacks with the benefits of
all feats and effects that augment spell DC, caster level, appropriate attack
rolls, spell damage results, and Concentration
checks made during the casting of spells.

Special: You
can gain Greater Spell Specialization multiple times; its effects do not stack.
Each time, it applies to a different spell.

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