feat Piercing Cold




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Frostburn, p. 49)

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Your cold spells are so
cold that they can damage creatures normally resistant or immune to cold.


Benefit: You can
only apply this metamagic feat to spells with the cold descriptor. Piercing
cold spells are so horribly cold that they are capable of damaging creatures
normally unharmed by or resistant to cold. Piercing cold spells completely ignore
any resistance to cold a creature possesses, bypassing this resistance and dealing
damage to the target as if it did not possess any resistance to cold at all.
They are still entitled to whatever other defenses the attack allows (such as
saving throws and Spell Resistance).

Creatures normally immune
to cold can be damaged by piercing cold spells as well. Piercing cold spells
deal half damage to these creatures (or one-quarter on a successful saving throw).
For example, Mialee casts a piercing cold cone
of cold
at a night hag, a creature
normally immune to cold. She makes her level check to penetrate the night
, Spell Resistance, but
the night hag makes her Reflex save
against the spell. Mialee rolls the dice, and her cone of cold deals 42 points
of cold damage; since the night hag
made her save, the damage is halved to 21 points. This damage is then halved
again (since the night hag is normally immune to cold), and 10 points of cold
damage are actually dealt to the night
, who is both shocked and enraged at this unexpected turn of events.

Creatures with the cold
subtype can tell that a piercing cold spell is colder than normal, but they
remain undamaged by the attack.

Creatures with the fire
subtype who are damaged by a piercing cold spell take double normal damage instead
of the usual +50%.

A piercing cold spell uses
up a spell slot one level higher than the spell’s actual level.

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