Feat Roundabout Kick



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Complete Warrior, p. 105)

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You can follow up on a
particularly powerful unarmed attack with a mighty kick, spinning in a complete
circle before landing the kick.

Prerequisite Improved
Unarmed Strike
, Power Attack, Strength

Benefit If you score
a critical hit on an unarmed attack, you can immediately make an additional
unarmed attack against the same opponent, using the same attack bonus that you
used for the critical hit roll. For example, Ember the 15th-level monk
can make three unarmed attacks in a round, at base attack bonuses of+11, +6,
and +1. If she scores a critical hit on her second attack, she can make an additional
attack using her +6 base attack bonus. She then makes her third attack (at +l)
as normal.

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