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IthunnIthunn is the goddess of spring. She is married to Bragi, the god of poetry and song. Idun is also the goddess of youth, and the keeper of the golden apples which keep the gods of Asgard young. The body of anyone eating one of these apples becomes 10 years younger. Of course, Ithunn and her apples are coveted by races other than the Aesir, and the giants are constantly trying to kidnap her. Ithunn has the power to slow or reverse the aging process in any being, or to awaken any dormant or sleeping thing. In her true form, she is a youthful woman of great beauty.

Role-playing Notes

Ithunn is a cheerful and friendly goddess who takes great delight in seeing things grow and remain healthy. She is extremely conscientious about making sure that every god eats one of her apples every ten years. Ithunn is especially protective of young girls, and there is a 10% chance that she will send help to protect one who is in danger.


Chaotic Good

Worshipers Aligment

Any good



Duties of the Priesthood

Only girls who dedicate themselves to Idun at a young age may become her priestesses. Their duties revolve around caring for orphans and blessing the spring planting.

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To Gods

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