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God of crops, In the area of Setumaa, between Estonia and Russia. Peko is also a hero and king, the name and figure are widely used as a national symbol.


Peko is known as Pellon Pekko (Peko of the field) is the protector of the fields and brewer of the beer.


In spring before festivities, before the dawn brakes, young Seto men hold a ritual fight until the first drop of blood was shed. The bleeding person became the host of the next year's feast. Black candles were lit to revere wooden idols of Peko. The people chanted "Peko, Peko, come to drink the beer" and some older man called the priests of Peko made sacrifices.

The second holiday dedicated to Peko was held after the harvest.  The carved idols of Peko were kept hidden in granaries around the year.

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To Gods

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