Baleful Apparition (CR 6)


With a countenance Kelly alone could put on
Made one grasshopper spring to the door and was gone!
Arthur Rackham, from The Ingoldsby legends, by Thomas Ingoldsby (Richard H. Barham), London, New York, 1907.

From Pathfinder SRD
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Source: Pathfinder #43.

Bile seeps up from floorboards while horrific images of bloody claws or the gasping faces of drowned victims fade into view and back out again. Such are the haunts that infest torture chambers, ruined castles, and secluded, swampy groves.

Baleful Apparition (CR 6)
XP 2,400
CE haunt (30-ft.-by-30-ft. chamber)
Caster Level 6th
Notice Perception DC 18 (to feel an ominous presence)
hp 12; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 hour
Victims of this haunt are subject to disturbing supernatural images. Mirrors reflect bloody visages, shadows coalesce into terrifying monstrosities, horrifying spectres wail, or decaying maidens plead for help. The unnatural happening targets all witnesses with a fear spell (save DC 16).
The resonance of lingering psychic trauma, these images are usually the result of ethereal residue rather than a specific restless spirit, and can be dismissed with a hallow spell.

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