Choking Hands (CR 4)


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Source Pathfinder #43.

Whether lingering embodiments of lynched serial stranglers or the traumatic psychic manifestation of a hysterical public, these dangerous spectres lurk in dark alleyways seeking vengeance on the living.

Choking Hands CR 4
XP 1,200
CE persistent haunt (15-ft.-by-30-ft. alleyway)
Caster Level 4th
Notice Perception DC 20 (to see coalescing vapor)
hp 18; Weakness tricked by hide from undead; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
This spirit manifests as a pair of spectral skeletal hands that latches around the throats of its victims. This +4 touch attack duplicates a vampiric touch spell each round, and the temporary hit points gained feed the haunt’s own hit points, making the entity harder to dismiss the longer it strangles.
Manacles enchanted with bless weapon that are brought into the haunted area capture the haunt’s essence; they must then be thrown into moving water to permanently dismiss the murderous spirit.

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