Cold Spot (CR 3)


Richard Ansdell (1815–1885) Title Lost In The Storm Date 19th centuryRichard Ansdell (1815–1885) Title Lost In The Storm Date 19th century
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Cold spots occur at the sites of the traumatic deaths of creatures that lack the psychic fortitude to persist as true ghosts. These common supernatural indicators are known to roam within large complexes, continuously seeking relief from the chill of death by drawing warmth from the living.

Cold Spot (CR 3)
XP 800
NE persistent haunt (15-ft. radius)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice Perception DC 10 (to notice a sudden temperature drop)
hp 13; Trigger proximity; Weakness damaged by fire; Reset 1 hour
When the area of a cold spot is entered, the temperature immediately drops to freezing as the minor spirit draws warmth from living creatures. This action duplicates the effects of a chill touch spell (save DC 11), automatically affecting all creatures in the area for each round they remain.
An unattended metal object must be subjected to heat metal while the cold spot manifests. The warm object will absorb the entity, and must be quickly buried in hallowed ground.

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