Fools Flare (CR 2)


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Many spirits resent the intrusion of lights brought by the living into their dark domains, and exert a supernatural influence on torches and lanterns to show their objections to the trespass of torchbearers.

Fools Flare (CR 2)
XP 600
CE haunt (10-ft. radius)
Caster Level 2nd
Notice Perception DC 15 (to feel a cold, unearthly draft)
hp 4; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
This haunt triggers a pyrotechnics spell on torches or lanterns brought into its area. In some instances, torches flare brightly with a blinding light before plunging the area into darkness, as per the fireworks effect, but in others the light sputters and dies, the extinguished source giving off a smoke cloud effect (save DC 13 versus secondary effects).
A daylight spell cast in the area permanently drives out the haunt.

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