Mourning Maiden (CR 4)


Postcard, dated 19.8.1921. Title:"Nuremberg - Iron Maiden" Postcard, dated 19.8.1921. Title:"Nuremberg - Iron Maiden"

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Source Pathfinder #43.

Mourning Maiden (CR 4)
XP 1,200
CE haunt (15-foot-radius area around the iron maiden)
Caster Level 3rd
Notice Perception DC 15 (to notice the lid to the iron maiden creaking open)
hp 8; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 day
The closest victim to the mourning maiden when this haunt activates must make a DC 14 Will save. Failure indicates that he sees the iron maiden swing open to reveal a bound loved one within , eyes wide with terror—the sight is enough at this point to compel the victim to rush up to the iron maiden in an attempt to free the bound figure within, as if from a suggestion spell. Once the victim enters the square occupied by the iron maiden, it immediately slams shut, trapping the victim inside. At this point, the victim realizes that the image of a loved one was an illusion, but at the same time her body is wracked with pain, as if it were being pierced in dozens of places by iron spikes. Although the actual spikes within the iron maiden are missing, these phantom spikes might be more destructive, for when the victim feels the spikes, she must make a second DC 14 Will save—failure indicates that she becomes cursed by the haunted iron maiden and has her Constitution reduced by 6 points (to a minimum score of 1). While enduring this curse, the victim’s body appears to bear dozens of deep, bloodless punctures.
This haunt can be put to rest permanently only by destroying every single torture device in this room—simply removing the objects from the room is not enough.

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