Slamming Portal (CR 1)


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Source: Pathfinder #43.

Mysteriously locked or slamming doors usually indicate a supernatural presence protesting intrusion, and serve as stern reminders that explorers are unwelcome in the realm of haunts. These frivolous spirits are fond of not only locking the living out of rooms, but also locking them in, usually with deadly dungeon denizens.

Slamming Portal (CR 1)
XP 400
LE haunt (doors or shutters in 5-ft. radius)
Caster Level 1st
Notice Perception DC 10 (to see a portal closing)
hp 2; Weakness tricked by hide from undead; Trigger proximity; Reset 1 minute
The haunted door or window slams shut abruptly when triggered, held fast by supernatural resistance as if affected by a hold portal spell. Once triggered, the phantom’s hold on the door persists for 1 minute, although neutralizing the haunt releases the portal.
A flask of Holy Water sprinkled in the infested area permanently dismisses troublesome haunts that incessantly slam shutters and gates.

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