Some feats have prerequisites. Your character must have the indicated ability score, class feature, feat, skill, base attack bonus, or other quality designated in order to select or use that feat. A character can gain a feat at the same level at which he or she gains the prerequisite.
A character can’t use a feat if he or she has lost a prerequisite.

Types of Feats

Some feats are general, meaning that no special rules govern them as a group. Others are item creation feats, which allow spellcasters to create magic items of all sorts. A metamagic feat lets a spellcaster prepare and cast a spell with greater effect, albeit as if the spell were a higher spell level than it actually is.

Fighter Bonus Feats

Any feat designated as a fighter feat can be selected as a fighter’s bonus feat. This designation does not restrict characters of other classes from selecting these feats, assuming that they meet any prerequisites.

Feat Descriptions

Here is the format for feat descriptions.

Feat Name (Type of Feat)

Prerequisite: A minimum ability score, another feat or feats, a minimum base attack bonus, a minimum number of ranks in one or more skills, or a class level that a character must have in order to acquire this feat. This entry is absent if a feat has no prerequisite. A feat may have more than one prerequisite.

Benefit: What the feat enables the character (“you” in the feat description) to do. If a character has the same feat more than once, its benefits do not stack unless indicated otherwise in the description.
In general, having a feat twice is the same as having it once.

Normal: What a character who does not have this feat is limited to or restricted from doing. If not having the feat causes no particular drawback, this entry is absent.

Special: Additional facts about the feat that may be helpful when you decide whether to acquire the feat.


Ambidextrous ,Desertborn ,SorcerousReligious TrainingRaised by Fey, 

(Background) (General)


(Background) (Aristocratic)

Aristocratic Favour , Blueblooded,  Unusual Associates

(Background) (Elf)

Elven Versatility

(Background) (Pygmie/Halfling)

Halfling Versatility

(Background) (Witch)

Blood Art


Agile Maneuvers Catch Off-Guard Dazzling Display Defensive Combat Training Greater Bull Rush Greater Overrun Greater Sunder Greater Vital Strike Improved Vital Strike Intimidating Prowess Shatter Defenses Stand Still Step Up Throw Anything Vital Strike

(Combat, Critical)

Bleeding Critical Critical Focus Critical Mastery Sickening Critical Staggering Critical , (Diabolical Oath) Devotee of Darkness Soulsworn 


Divine Metamagic Divine Might , Divine Vengeance


Sacred Vow Vow of Abstinence Vow of Chastity Vow of Nonviolence Vow of Peace


Acrobatic , Adroit Flyby Attack , Agile , Agile Mount/Dismount , AlchemyAlertnessAlluring,  Animal Affinity Armour AgilityArmour Adroitness  , Armoured Casting , Armour Proficiency (Heavy) Armour Proficiency (Light) Armour Proficiency (Medium) Arterial Strike Astromancy , Athletic Attractive , Augment Summoning Aura of Undead Disruption Axiomatic Strike , Backstabber , Battle Casting Blind-Fight Bondsman , Born in the Saddle , Born Leader , Bounding Assault Bowman , Brachiation , Brawl ,  Bruisefade ,  Buffoonery , Cantrip Mastery , Careful Listener   ,  Cast on the Run , Celibate Casting , Centered , Chain Familiarity , Charlatan ,  Cheat , Cleave , Coldhearted , Cold Weather Survival Combat Casting Combat Expertise , Combat Reflexes Comprehend Writing Concealment , Confident , Contact Language , Craftsmanship , Cultured , Dancer’s Grace , Dandy , Dead Aim Death Blow , Deceitful  , Deflect Arrows Deft Hands Descriptor Focus Destructive Rage , Detect Poison , Devoted Inquisitor , Devout , Diehard , Diligent , Disciplined ,  Disease Resistance Dodge Dodge Traps , Dweomercraft , Earth’s EmbraceEloquent Speaker , Empathic (New) Endurance Ensorcel Missle , Eschew Materials Exotic Weapon Proficiency Expert Swimmer Extended Trading Extra Amulet , Extra Astrologer Ability Extra Belt , Extra Bracers , Extra Cloak , Extra Enchanting Extra Gallant Ability Extra Greater Astrologer Ability Extra Greater Gallant Ability Extra Familiar Extra Paragon of Beauty Ability , Extra Ring , Extra Turning Eyes in the Back of Your Head , Far Shot Fast Healer , Fearless , Feint Mastery , Feral , Fiery Temper , Flair , Fleet Fleet of Foot Flick of the Wrist Focused , Followers , Force of Personality , Formation Fighting , Fortune Telling , Frightening ,   Glamerous , Great Captain Great Cleave Great Fortitude Greater Combat Casting Greater Descriptor Focus Greater Disease Resistance Greater Multiweapon Fighting Greater Poison Resistance , Greater Skill Focus , Greater Spell Focus Greater Spell Penetration , Greater Spell Specialization , Greater Subschool Focus , Greater Touch Focus , Greater Two-Weapon Fighting Greater Weapon Focus Greater Weapon Specialization Group Tactics , Hack , Hard to Fool Heroic Charge Hero’s LuckHold the Line , ID ManipulationImpostor , Impromptu Bow , Improved Brawl , Improved Bull Rush Improved Counterspell Improved Critical Improved Disarm Improved Familiar Improved Feint Improved Flyby Attack Improved Grapple Improved Great Fortitude Improved Initiative Improved Iron Will Improved Lightning Reflexes Improved Multiattack Improved Multiweapon Fighting Improved Overrun Improved Precise Shot Improved Shield Bash Improved Shield Parry (New) Improved Spell Specialization , Improved Sunder Improved ToughnessImproved Trip Improved Turning Improved Two-Weapon Fighting Improved Unarmed Strike , Increased Empathy , Indomitable (General) , Inspiration , Intimidating Rage , IntrepidInvestigator Iron Will Irresistible , Inspired LeadershipJack of All Trades ,  Knack , Knock-Down , Leadership Learned , Librarian Lighting Reflexes Light on your Feet , Luck of Legends , Lucky , Luminous , Magical Aptitude Magical Artisan , Magical Insight , Major Combat Style , Manyshot Martial Weapon Proficiency Master PackerMaster Tracker , Maximize Spell-like Ability Mountain Man , Mesmerism , Metamagical , Metasorcery , Minor Combat Style Mobility Mounted Archery Mounted Casting , Mounted Combat Musican’s Ear (New) Mystical Affinity , Natural Mimic , Natural Spell Naturalist (New) Necrology , Negotiator Net Master , Nimble Fingers Nimble Moves Nonmagical , Pain Touch , Penumbral , Performer , Persuasion , Persuasive Philologist ,  Plant Control , Plant Defiance , Point Blank Shot Poison ResistancePoison Proficiency , Power Attack Prat Fall  ,  Precise Shot Principles of Zen , Prodigy , Pure of HeartQuick , Quick Draw , Ranged Pin , Rapid Reload , Rapid Shot  , Rapid Swimming , Regain Footing ,

Resolute (New)

Ride-By Attack

Riposte (New)

Roundabout Kick ,

Run ,

Saddle Grip ScholarlyScribeSeafarer , Selective Channeling , Self-Sufficient , Sense Magic , Shadow Weave Magic Shield Proficiency , Ship’s Mage , Shot on the Run ,  Simple Weapon Proficiency

Skeptical , Skill Focus  ,

Slippery Tongue (New)

Sly (New)

Smooth Operator (New)

Snatch Arrows

Songbird (New)

Sophisticated (New)

Spell Focus

Spell Penetration

Spellcasting Affinity

Spellcasting Versatility

Spell Familiarity  , Spell Sense , Spell SpecializationSpirited Charge , Spring Attack ,  Staged FightingStaggering StrikeStealthy , Storm Magic , Stunning Fist , Subordinate , Subschool Focus , Sunder

Superior Expertise

Survivor (New)

Suspicious (New)

Swimmer (New)

Sylvan Empathy

Tamer of beasts (New)

Thespian (New)

Touch Focus (New)


Tower Sheild Proficiency

Track  , Trample  , TrapperTrustworthyTrue of PurposeTwist the KnifeTwo-Weapon Defense ,

Two-Weapon Fighting , Unshakable ,

Unstoppable (New)

Versatile Performer

Virtuosity (New)

Voracious Reader (New)

Voice of Influence (New)

Warmhearted (New)

Warm Weather Survival

Weapon Finesse

Weapon Focus

Weapon Specialization

Whirlwind Attack

Wield Musical Instrument (New)

Wily (New)

Write Manual (New)

Zen Archery

(Item Creation)

Brew Potion , Broomstick , Craft Epic Contingent Spell ,  Craft Magic Candle ,  Craft Magic Arms and Armour ,  Craft Rod , Craft Staff ,  Craft Wand , Craft Wondrous Item ,  Create Magic Cord  , Distil Potion ,  Forge Ring ,  Scribe Scroll ,


Accelerate Spell , Aim Spell , Born of the Three Thunders , Cast Magic Circle ,  Chain Spell Corrupt Spell ,  Delay Spell

Diva ,

Earthbound Spell (New)

Embattle Spell (New)

Empower Spell Energy Admixture Energy Substitution

Enlarge Spell

Expedite Spell (New) Expeditious Metamagic Expeditious Spontaneity Explosive Spell

Extend Spell

Fell Drain

Fell Weaken (New)

Finesse Spell (New)

Fortify Spell (New)

Greater Finesse Spell (New)

Hasten Spell , Heighten Spell               Improved Finesse Spell Insidious Magic               Kiss Spell ,    Maximize Spell Minimize Spell ,  Nonlethal Substitution (New) Persistent Spell , Piercing Cold ,  Prolific Writer , Protract Spell (New)           Quicken Spell Quicken Spontaneity (New)

Reach Spell (New)

Reduce Spell (New)

Remote Healing (New)

Repeat Spell

Rune Master (New)

Sacred Spell

Silent Spell

Still Spell

Subdual Substitution

Suppress Spell Energy

Target Spell (New)

Tenacious Spell (New)

Touch Spell (New)

Transdimensional Spell

Twin Spell (New)

Violate Spell (New)

Violate Spell-Like Ability

Weaken Spell Widen Spell ,  Will Spell


Animal Magnetism ,  Kundalini ,  Limber ,  Physical Perfection ,

Quick Recovery ,

Satisfied Glow

Self Aware



(Special)                 Charm a Crowd (New) Cupid’s Brew (New) Divine Dominion (New) Greater Charm (New) Greater Curse (New) Greater Divine Dominion Hag Claws (New) Improved Master of Misappropriation Lucky Charm(New) Philosopher (New) Spell Mastery (New)               (Special) (Half-Race) Human Versatility

(General, Barbarian)

Animal Soul

Ape Wrestler

Eye Of The Tiger (New)

Horse Lord

Infamous Killer , Will To Live Wounded Animal

(General, Fighter)

Advanced Dodge (New) Advanced Finesse (New) Allied Zeal (New) Archery Insight (New) Armored MobilityBattlefield Commander (New) BoltslingerChain Finesse (New) Charmed Archery (New) Cloak and Shadow (New) Cloak Finesse (New) Combat Enthusiasm Combat Parry (New) Combat Precision Counter Attack (New) Critical Finesse (New) Crossbow Sniper Cutting Lash (New)               Defensive Archery (New) Deflective Shield (New) Defensive Shot (New) Devastating Critical (New) Distracting Dodge (New)         En Garde (New) Expanded Critical (New) Expanded Finesse (New)             Feinting Expertise Flex (New)               Greater Charmed Archery (New) Greater Cloak and Shadow Greater Combat Enthusiasm (New) Greater Dodge (New) Greater Finesse (New) Greater Manyshot (New) Greater Ranged Maneuver (New) Greater Self-Defense (New) Greater Step (New) Greater Two-Handed Defense (New) Greater Unarmed Might (New) Greater Zen Archery (New)             Have At Thee (New)                 Improved Armored Mobility (New) Improved Charge Attack (New) Improved Charmed Archery (New) Improved Combat Enthusiasm (New) Improved Combat Expertise (Fighter Bonus Feat, General) Improved Dodge (New) Improved Finesse (New) Improved Ranged Disarm (New) Improved Ranged Maneuver (New) Improved Ranged Pin (New) Improved Ranged Sunder Improved Ranged Trip Improved Rapid Reload Improved Rapid Shot Improved Rapid Strike Improved Self-Defense Improved Sword and Cloak Fighting (New) Improved Two-Handed Defense Improved Unarmed Might Improved Veiled Attack Improved Weapon Charm Improved Weapon Insight Improved Weapon Zen Improved Whip Strike ,  Lucky Strike ,  Lunge , Moradin’s Eye , Off-Hand Might ,  Parry , Piercing Jab , Power Critical Power fistRage , Ranged Disarm Ranged Sunder Ranged Trip , Rapid Strike (New) Reckless Defense , Self-Defense , Shaft Fighting (New) Shield Parry (New) Shield Rush (New) Siege Engineer (New) Sniper’s Eye (New) Staff Sweep (New) Stunning Blow (New) Sword and Cloak Fighting Tactical Dodge (New) Two-Handed Defense (New)               Unarmed Might (New)                 Veiled Attack (New)                 Weapon Charm (New) Weapon Expertise (New) Weapon Insight Weapon Zen (New) Whipcrack (New) Whip Finesse (New)

(Elf) (Fighter) (General)

Corellon’s Eye , Corellon’s Grip ,

(Paladin) (General)

Aura of Trust , Divine Inspiration , Domain Favour , Empathic Awareness , Extra Smiting , Healing Touch , Holy Charge , Improved Special Mount Improved Smite , Paladinic Versatility  , Remove Enchantment 


Fast Wild Shape


Animal to Human(New) Art focus (New) Charm Resistance (New) Create Talisman (New) Extra Witch Ability (New) Fear Resistance (New) Greater Art Focus  , Harming Touch (New) Immunity of the Faerie , Unnatural Sleep Resistance

Monster Feats These feats apply to abilities most commonly found amongst monsters or are related to monsters.

Ability Focus (General)

Awesome Blow (General, Fighter)

Craft Construct (Item Creation)

Empower Spell-Like Ability (General)

Flyby Attack (General)

Hover (General)

Improved Natural Armor (General)

Improved Natural Attack (General)


Multiweapon Fighting (General)

Quicken Spell-Like Ability [General]


Snatch [General]

Wingover [General]


Dark Speech (Vile) Evil Brand (Vile) Thrall to Demon (Vile) Vile Ki Strike (Vile) Vile Martial Strike (Vile) Vile Natural Attack (Vile)