feat Versatile Performer (General)

Eugeniusz Żak  (1884–1926) TitlePierrot (Dancer, Clown).
Eugeniusz Żak (1884–1926) Title Pierrot (Dancer, Clown).

( Complete Adventurer, p. 112)

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You are skilled at many kinds of performances.

Prerequisite: Perform (any) 5 ranks,

Benefit: Pick a number of Perform categories equal to your Intelligence bonus (minimum 1). For the purpose of making Perform checks, you are treated as having a number of ranks in those skills equal to the highest number of ranks you have in any Perform category. You cannot change these categories once you have picked them, but your score in them automatically increases if you later add additional ranks in your highest ranked Perform category. You gain new categories of your choice if your Intelligence bonus permanently increases. In addition, you gain a +2 bonus on a combined Perform check when using two or more forms of performance at the same time, such as a bard strumming a lyre while singing. In such cases, add the bonus to the higher of your two Perform skill modifiers.


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