Geography (1453)


The Planes


Hidden Magical Realms



North American (The New World)


South America

Union of Midgard (Scandinavia)

State of the Teutonic Order


The British Isles

Holy Roman Empire

Burgundian Netherlands (Personal union of Imperial and French fiefs)

The Seventeen Provinces

The County of Artois, The Duchy of Brabant, The County of Drenthe, the County of Flanders. The Lordship of Frisia, The Lordship of Groningen, The Duchy of Guelders,The County of Hainaut. The County of Holland,
The Duchy of Limburg, The Duchy of Luxemburg. The Lordship of Mechelen, The County of Namur. The Lordship of Overijssel, The Prince-Bishopric of Utrecht The County of Zeeland The County of Zutphen,

The County of Burgundy

The Free County of Burgundy, The Imperial City of Besançon

Republic of the Swiss

Canton of Uri, Canton of Zürich, Canton of Appenzell, Canton of Bern, Canton of Lucerne, Canton of Schwyz, Canton of Unterwalden, Half-Canton of Obwalden, Half-Canton of Nidwalden, Canton of Glarus, Canton of Zug, (Wilderness Area) Lake Zürich

(Wilderness Area) Alps, (Wilderness Area) Lake Geneva

(Settlement) Heligoland


Greece and the Balkans

The Kingdom of France

Spain and Portugal

The Low Countries

Duchy of Burgundy

Dutch Republic ( the Republic of the Seven United Netherlands)

East Central Europe


(Settlement – Capital City)Târgovi?te


Muscovy (Grand Duchy
of Moscow)

The Lands of The Great Horde( Division of the Orc Empire)

Kingdom of Poland

(Settlement) Kraków Capital Hanseatic City

Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Kingdom of Hungary


Principality of Moldavia

Republic of Novgorod

(Settlement – Capital City) Novgorod

Kingdom of Georgia

Khanate of Kazan

Crimean Khanate (Vassal of the Ottoman Empire)

Timurid Empire

Alliance of the Four Oirats (Orc allied Confederation)

Orcistan (Eastern Chagatai Khanate)


(Wilderness Area) Atlas Mountains

(Wilderness Area) Namib desert (“vast place”)

(Wilderness Area) Skeleton Coast (“The Land The Gods Made in Anger”)

(Wilderness Area) Sahara (The Great Desert)

Zerzura (“The Oasis of Little Birds”)

(Wilderness Area) Sudanian Savanna

(Place) Mount Kilimanjaro

North East Africa

West Africa

The kingdom of Mali grew into a large empire, and then declined
again. A major upheaval has affected Kanem. Faced with internal revolt and nomadic invasion from the east, a king moved south with his loyal followers and set up a new state in Bornu.

Islam has continued to spread. For example, during the 14th century the rulers of the Hausa city-states accepted Islam. The cities of the western savannah lands have become centres of Muslim scholarship.

New states have been formed amongst the Mossi people of the northern fringes of the forest region. These have become middlemen in the trade between the savannah and the forest. In the latter, Benin is now a flourishing city, and in Yorubaland, the city of Oyo was founded in 14th century, The West African trading networks have now reached the coast.

Large-scale immigration of Arabs into North Africa have made this region largely Arab-speaking.

Central Africa

Hausa Kingdoms

(Settlement) (Capital City) Houssa

Sub-Saharan Africa



(Settlement) Alexandria, (Settlement) Crocodilopolis “City of Crocodiles”, (Settlement) Bubastis “House of Bast“, (Settlement) Heliopolis “City of the Sun”, (Settlement) Dendera ‘She of the Divine Pillar.’, (Settlement) Nekhen “Hawk City”, (Settlement) Edfu, (Settlement) Ombos, (Settlement) Leontopolis “city of lions”, (Settlement) Lycopolis ‘wolf city’, (Settlement) Elephantine island, (Settlement) Seheil Island, (Settlement) Hermopolis “eight-town”, (Settlement) Sais (Zau), (Settlement) Kom Ombo, (Settlement) Amarna “Horizon of the Aten”, (Settlement) Abydos, (Settlement) Qift (Gebtu), (Settlement) Akhmim, (Settlement) Philae island, (Settlement) Thebes “City of Amun”, Theban Necropolis, (Settlement) Hermonthis, (Settlement) Memphis “everlasting places”, (Settlement) Cynopolis “City of the dog”, Valley of the Kings

(Place) Great Pyramid of Osiris

(Wilderness Area) Nile

(Wilderness Area) Faiyum “Land of the Lake”

Hafsid Kingdom (Sultanate of Tunis)

Merina Kingdom (Madagascar)


Turkey (The Ottoman Empire)

(Settlement – Capital City) Edirne







Middle East


Syria and Palestine



(Settlement) Sodom
and Gomorrah “Sin Cities”


India and South Asia

Ahom kingdom

Kachari Kingdom

Sutiya Kingdom

Vijayanagara Empire

Delhi Sultanate

Kingdom of Mysore (Subordinate to Vijayanagara Empire)

(Place) Taj Mahal

South Asia

(Trade Route) Silk Road

Empire of the Great Ming

(Place) The Forbidden City

(Place) The Great Wall


(Wilderness Area) Himalayas

(Wilderness Area) Gobi Desert


South East Asia

Majapahit Empire


Bonin Islands (monster Islands)

The Empire of the Orcs



, Solomon Islands

Terra Australis

Van Diemen’s Land

Port Arthur

Hobart Town

(Wilderness Area) Great Barrier Reef

(Wilderness Area) The Bush