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Albert Chmielowski (1845–1916) The Death and conflagration, central part of the triptych “Disaster”. after 1870Albert Chmielowski (1845–1916) The Death and conflagration, central
part of the triptych “Disaster”. after 1870

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Large outsider (Extraplanar,
Hit Dice 20d8+120
(210 HP)
Initiative +15 (+11
Dexterity, +4 Improved Initiative)
Speed Fly 60 ft. (good)
29 (+11
Dexterity, -1 Size, +9 Deflection), touch 20, flat-footed 18
Base Attack/Grapple +22/-
Attack Incorporeal
touch +16 melee (2d6 plus 2d8 Constitution drain), Scythe +7 melee or +7 ranged (Line
of sight) (2d4+9 plus 1d6 cold, 19-20/x4 plus 3d10 cold, vorpal)
Full Attack Incorporeal
touch +16 melee (2d6 plus 2d8 Constitution drain), Scythe +7 melee or +7 ranged (Line
of sight) (2d4+9 plus 1d6 cold, 19-20/x4 plus 3d10 cold, vorpal)

Space/Reach: 10 ft./10 ft.
Constitution drain, Entrapping Aura
Darkvision 60 ft., energy of balance, incorporeal traits, lawful repose, lifesense
60 ft., non nemo, spell-like abilities, unnatural aura, wisened resolve,
DR 30/-, SR 40
Saves Fort +12,
Ref +23, Will +18
Abilities Strength -,
Dexterity 33, Constitution -, Intelligence 22, Wisdom 23, Charisma 19
Skills Diplomacy +28*, Disguise +20, Gather
+22, Hide +26, Intimidate +28, Knowledge (Arcana)
+19, Knowledge (architecture
and engineering
) +20, Knowledge (dungeoneering) +19, Knowledge (Geography)
+20, Knowledge (history)
+20, Knowledge (local)
+19, Knowledge (nature)
+19, Knowledge (Nobility
and Royalty
) +20, Knowledge (religion)
+20, Knowledge (the
) +20, Listen +27, Search +29*, Sense Motive +29, Spot +31, Survival +17 (+19 when following
Feats Alertnessb, Blind-Fight, Combat
, Dodge, Greater
Weapon Focus
(Scythe)b, Greater
Weapon Specialisation
(Scythe)b, Improved
b, Improved
Natural Attack
(incorporeal touch), Mobility, Spring Attack, Track, Weapon Focus (Scythe)b, Weapon Specialisation (Scythe)b
Environment Any
Organization Solitary
(Though usually accompanied by 2 Shadesteel Golems)
Treasure None,
Scythe of the Reaper (see below)
Alignment Lawful

A large creature seemingly
composed entirely of shadow appears before you. Set deeply inside its incorporeal
hood you see two twinkling lights like distant red stars among an endless nebula,
and a pair of almost skeletal arms emerge from within its shoal. It speaks in
a deep, booming voice “Your time is up”…

Death is prevalent in every
culture, religion, and plane. No matter where you are, you cannot escape death
at one point or another in your life; his entire profession is based on the
fact that nothing, not even immortality lasts forever. Once a creature’s
life is over, he snuffs out their last breath and leads them to the world beyond
for the trial of their life.

He can transform into other
creatures, and usually does so to get closer to his ‘customers’ or
to simply spend time off. Of note is the fact that, despite being an outsider,
Death has no home plane, and so never acquires the Native subtype regardless
of location. He is very learned and knowledgeable, having spent thousands of
years in the many realms, but it has been many millennia since he took corporeal
form and experienced life personally. As such, he can sometimes seem very depressed,
but otherwise is extremely formal and proper, aided by his experience with the
living. Death speaks and understands all languages, including secret languages.
He always speaks in the most appropriate language to his customers.

When facing Death, a customer
is allowed to challenge him for their life, or continue on to their trial. If
they are not alone, true comrades may instead challenge him, but no one has
ever won. Ordinarily, Death is an invisible entity rarely seen except to solidify
the legend and aura of his existence. However, having spent aeons in the darkness,
he prefers it to lighter areas, so is loathe to enter sunlit regions (Not merely
a daylight spell), and will often hurry to dispatch someone in the light. This
can sometimes lead to him becoming visible to all around because of neglecting
his invisibility.


Death usually makes good
use of his touch attack to reduce his opponent’s Constitution modifier,
and consequently their Fortitude saving throw, before using finger
of death
on them, or power
word kill
if their hit points drop low enough. However, as
he usually only appears to those about to die, he usually just uses his touch
attack to finish them off. Death instinctively knows the present location of
any client (Past, present, or future).

Constitution Drain (Su): Living creatures hit by Death’s incorporeal touch attack must succeed
on a DC 37 Fortitude save or take 2d8 points of Constitution drain. The save
DC is Charisma-based. On each such successful attack, Death gains 5 temporary
hit points.

Energy of Balance (Ex): Death is so finely tuned to the cosmic forces that drive him, both positive
and negative, that any effect using such energies, including spells with the
Darkness and Light descriptors, heals him by 1 point of damage for each point
it would otherwise deal. He is immune to all enchantment effects, and is immune
to other effects as an undead creature. This immunity functions as spell immunity.

Entrapping Aura (Ex): Death emits a distinct aura that allows him to prevent his target(s) from
escaping magically, and can even make nanoseconds seemingly pass like decades.
As an immediate action, Death can trap up to 100 HD of creatures per HD in this
field, when released (A swift action) only a single round has passed. In addition,
Death can use this field to prevent up to 100 HD of creatures per HD from using
magic to escape, such as plane
or Teleport, no spell with the teleportation
descriptor functions for a creature in this field, and temporal magic (Such
as time stop and Celerity) simply does not function (Though spell slots are
still used up if a creature attempts to use them). Death can use either of these
effects simultaneously or individually at his option.

Lawful Repose: Death
is immune to all effects that allow a Fortitude save, unless he wishes to be
affected. His spell-like abilities are exempt from this ability.

Lifesense (Su): Death notices and locates living creatures within 60 feet, just as if he possessed
the Blindsight ability. He also senses the strength of their life force automatically,
as if he had cast deathwatch.

Non Nemo (Ex): Anyone
who successfully kills Death must take his place. When he dies, a burst of energy
is implanted in the character(s) who killed him. Every minute, they must make
a Fortitude save against DC 40, this DC increases by +1 for every previous attempt.
A failed save means that the character(s) transform immediately into an exact
duplicate of Death, complete with memories. Constructs and undead (As well as
other creatures immune to Fortitude saves) are not immune to this effect, though
their creators may be affected if they were specificaly ordered to kill Death.
When chains of command, such as a familiar of a wizard that creates a Homunculus
to kill Death, the person who gave the initial order is the first affected.
Death, once regenerated so, continues his work as always. The character(s) altered
this way cannot be raised or ressurected, except by the intervention of a deity.
This serves as punishment for killing Death. If more than 1 character destroys
Death, only 1 character is transformed into Death and the others simply vanish
into nothing, receiving the same afterlife as the single character.

Spell-Like Abilities
At will – death
(DC 21), erase, finger
of death
(DC 26), plane
(DC 26), programmed
(DC 23), shapechange (Death keeps his
own Dexterity score and supernatural abilites when shapechanged), simulacrum
(Death’s simulacrums only last until their purpose has been fulfilled before
disintegrating), superior invisibility (self only), teleport, greater.

10/day – power
word kill
, slay living (DC 24). Caster level 20th. The save DC is Charisma based.

Unnatural Aura (Ex): Animals, whether wild or domesticated, can sense the unnatural presence
of Death at a distance of 30 feet. They will not willingly approach nearer than
that and panic if forced to do so; they remain panicked as long as they are
within that range.

Wisened Resolve (Ex): Death applies his Wisdom modifier to all Hit Die in place of his Constitution modifier.

Skills: *Death has
a +8 racial bonus on Diplomacy, Search, and Survival checks

Scythe of the Reaper: The scythe of the reaper is Death’s personal Scythe, and is considered a
Major Artifact. It is treated as a +5 Scythe with the ghost
, Keen, Merciful,
Returning, Throwing, vorpal, and icy
special abilities, and the Distant
Shot epic special ability. Additionally, anyone other than Death who wields
it acquires 3d6 negative levels permanently.


Death has spent countless
aeons, hurrying the dying and the dead to their ultimate ends. As such, he has
a fairly bleak view of mortal existence, knowing full well that he personally
will outlive any life that should appear. However, he admires the persistence
of mortal life, its perennial drive to continue living, and its curious natures.
As an agent of universal law, he has a profound regard for rules, and takes
an instant dislike towards anyone that breaks even the smallest of rulings,
a dislike that often results in a near-instantaneous “spiritual relocation”
(As he calls it).

Death makes his home in
a personal demiplane, though this does not serve as his home plane, merely his
home. Within the demiplane is his reading room, stocked with books spanning
countless millenia of written words, his private collection of hour glasses,
each of which tracks the flow of life for a mortal in existence elsewhere (So
you can imagine there are quite a few), and his elaborately designed stables,
in which he keeps his personal steed, Alep.

Plot hook

The elderly Archmage Laurel
de’Camphor is nearing his end, and has called out to adventurers across the
land to stave off his end until he can finally finish his unified theory of
the Laws of Magic and Universal Action. However, what he hasn’t mentioned, is
precisely how the adventurers are to do this…


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