Amulet of Euphoric Healing

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Amulet of Euphoric Healing
Price 12,000 gp; Slot neck; CL 3rd; Weight 1 lb.; Aura faint enchantment
These glass amulets hold a bubbling red magical liquid called "euphorica" and often feature a religion's or deity's holy symbol.
While worn, the magical liquid within the amulet tinges the user's healing magic with a wash of ecstasy that acts as a magical drug, making the recipient of the healing more susceptible to mental manipulation by the wearer of the amulet.

Anytime the wearer casts a healing spell or uses a spell-like ability on a single target, the recipient of the magical healing additionally must succeed at a DC 13 Fortitude save or become addicted to the wearer's healing spells. The wearer can suppress this effect by shielding the amulet from view with a hand or held item as a free action.
Feats Craft Wondrous Item; Spells cure light wounds, enthrall; Cost 6,000 gp

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