Pentacle Rod

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Liber Mysterium
The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks

By Timothy S. Brannan and The Netbook of Witches and Warlocks Team
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This magic item usually has a pentacle or an inverted pentacle at the end. All pentacle rods have an alignment. Three times per day, this rod can spout a ray that casts Grasp of the Endless War as if cast by someone of the alignment of the wand. Anyone not of the alignment of the rod (within one step) has the spell cast against them each time they attempt to use the rod. For instance, a neutral good person using a chaotic good rod would be fine, but not a chaotic good person using a lawful neutral rod. In this instance the spell does not affect the intended target, nor does it harm the user. A pentacle rod is always the alignment of the creator.

Caster Level: 5th; Prerequisite: Craft Rod, Grasp of the Endless War Market Price: 4,500gp.

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