m Chariot of Speed

Relics & Rituals: Olympus
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By W. Jason Peck, Aaron Rosenberg, Christina Stiles and Relics & Rituals: Olympus team

This handsome golden chariot can be pulled by two or four animals, and has room for two people to stand comfortably. A small chest along the back on either side can hold weapons and other gear, and a rack along the inner front edge can hold spears, bows and arrows. With a flick of the reins, the charioteer may invoke the chariot’s magic. The chariot of speed grants extra fleetness to whatever animals are pulling it, doubling their normal movement rate for up to four hours per day.

Faint transmutation; CL 3rd; Craft Wondrous Item, expeditious retreat; Price 3,000 gp; Weight: 400 lb.