m Rod of Repression

of Repression

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of Erotic Fantasy

Gwendolyn F.M. Kestrel

This solid iron rod
is unadorned and uncomfortably cold to the touch.

If the wielder has access
to the Denial domain, she gains a +1 to her
caster level when casting any of the spells on that list. Once per day, the
rod can release a wave of energy that saps the libido and self-confidence

of everyone within 30 feet of the wielder. Any creatures within range must make
a Will save (DC 20) or suffer 1d6 points of Charisma
damage (to a maximum of 5d6). The wielder gains the same amount

to her Charisma score for 24 hours.
Any creatures that sustain damage also lose any sexual desire for 24 hours,
and gains no benefit from sexual feats, spells, or supernatural abilities. This
effect may be negated by a break
or remove curse.

Strong necromancy; Caster
Level: 10th; Craft rod, doom,
enervation; Price: 61,700 gp; Weight:
3 lb.

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