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This Painting of Aepycamelus (formerly Alticamelus) was made to illustrate one card of a set of 30 collector cards from "Tiere der Urwelt" (Animals of the Prehistoric World). From the Series III.

This Painting of Aepycamelus (formerly Alticamelus) was made to illustrate one card of a set of 30 collector cards from "Tiere der Urwelt" (Animals of the Prehistoric World). From the Series III.

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This tall herbivore seems to combine elements of both giraffes and camels. It has long, graceful legs, a small hump on its back, and a very long neck.


Always Neutral Large animal
Init +2; Senses Low-Light Vision, Scent; Listen +7, Spot +6
Languages —


AC 14, touch 11, flatfooted 12
(-1 size, +2 Dexterity, +3 natural)
hp 30 (4 HD)
Fort +7, Ref +6, Will +2


Speed 50 ft. (10 squares)
Melee 2 hooves +7 melee (1d6+5)
Space 10 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
Base Atk +3; Grapple +12


Abilities Strength 20, Dexterity 15, Constitution 17, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 13, Charisma 4
Feats Alertness, Endurance
Skills Listen +7, Spot +6


Environment temperate grasslands
Organization solitary or herd (6-30)
Treasure none
Advancement 5-8 HD (Large); 9-12 (Huge)

Aepycamelus is a large herd mammal that combines traits of camels and giraffes. It has very long legs, and a long S-curved neck that places its head over 10 feet above the ground. Aepycamelus does have the characteristic camel hump, although it is much smaller than those seen on normal dromedary camels.
A herbivorous grazer similar to the giraffe, the long neck of aepycamelus allows it to dine on vegetation other animals are unable to reach. Aepycamelus is a hardy creature, although it lacks the sustained endurance exhibited by desert-dwelling camels.
A typical aepycamelus stands 7 feet high at the shoulder, although its head, supported by a long neck, stretches a further 3 feet from the ground. An average specimen weighs around 1,500 pounds.

An aepycamelus is not a particularly aggressive animal, although herd members will band together to fight off carnivores. Large and powerful, an aepycamelus can deliver devastating kicks with its hooves, often enough to crack the skull of a wolf or hyena that strays too close.

An aepycamelus can be gained as an alternative animal companion for a druid of 4th level or higher.

An aepycamelus makes an excellent mount or pack animal. Its high back allows riders a good vantage point to survey the surrounding area, although mounting the tall beast can be challenging without special training. An aepycamelus is smart and belligerent enough to make a good war mount, and can be trained for such duty with only a DC 15 Handle Animal check. Rearing an aepycamelus colt requires a DC 19 Handle Animal check. An adult aepycamelus can carry up to 400 pounds as a light load.

Aepycamelus was an ancient species of camel that lived throughout North America during the Miocene Epoch (5-10 million years ago). It was the tallest of American camels and likely displayed behavior similar to modern day giraffes, running with a pacing gait, and browsing vegetation unreachable by other herbivores.

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