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Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), picture taken at Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania Black Rhinoceros (Diceros bicornis), picture taken at Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Tanzania
Large animal
Hit Dice 8d8+40 (76 hp)
Initiative +0
Speed 30 ft. (6 squares)
Armor Class 16 (-1 size, +7 natural), touch 9, flat-footed 16
Base Attack/Grapple +6/+18
Attack Gore +13 melee (2d6+12)
Full Attack Gore +13 melee (2d6+12)
Space/Reach 10 ft./5 ft.
Special Attacks Powerful charge
Special Qualities Low-Light Vision
Saves Fort +11, Ref +6, Will +3
Abilities Strength 26, Dexterity 10, Constitution 21, Intelligence 2, Wisdom 13, Charisma 2
Skills Listen +14, Spot +3
Feats Alertness, Endurance, Improved Natural Attack (gore)
Environment Warm plains
Organization Solitary or herd (2-12)
Challenge Rating 4
Advancement 9-12 HD (Large); 13-24 HD (Huge)
Level Adjustment -

The rhinoceros is infamous for its bad temper and willingness to charge intruders.

The statistics presented here are based on the African black rhino, which is 6 to 14 feet long, 3 to 6 feet high at the shoulder, and weighs up to 6,000 pounds. These statistics can describe any herbivore of similar size and similar natural weapons (antlers, horns, tusks, or the like).


When it is harassed or annoyed, a rhinoceros lowers its head and charges.

Powerful Charge (Ex): A rhinoceros deals 4d6+24 points of damage when it makes a charge.

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