npc Captain Edward Ned Low
 Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg, Combat naval ou Un navire maltais attaqué par des pirates algériens,
Philippe-Jacques de Loutherbourg, Combat naval ou Un navire maltais attaqué par des pirates algériens,

No one stands higher in the trade than Low, and no one has more lofty altitudes of bloodthirsty and unscrupulous wickedness. ‘Tis strange that so little has been written and sung of this man of might, for he is as worthy of story and of song as Blackbeard.”Savage and desperate”, and a man of “amazing and grotesque brutality”. Low and his crew are the terror of the Atlantic, and his depredations are committed on every part of the ocean, from the coast of Brazil to the Grand Banks of Newfoundland”.

Infamous English pirate born into poverty in London. From an early age Low was known to be combative
and illiterate. He was always ready to cheat and picked up thievery, gambling and pickpocketing. His whole family was involved in robbery his younger brother a petty criminal was hung in for theft. As he grew older, Low tired of pickpocketing and thievery and turned to burglary eventually, he left England, and travelled to the New World.

Life in Boston

Eventually settling in Boston, Massachusetts, where he settled and married Eliza Marble. There first child died as a baby but latter a daughter, survived, however Eliza died in childbirth. The death of his wife still haunts him, in fact he will not force married men to join his crew. Because he missses his daughter he left behind he mades sure women are never harmed aboard his ship and returned to a port safely.

At first working honestly joining a ship headed for Honduras, where they planned to collect a shipment of logs for resale in Boston. One day, he returned to the ship hungry, but was told by the captain he would have to wait to eat, and that he and his men would have to be satisfied with a ration of rum. At this, Low grabbed a loaded musket and fired at the captain but missed him, but shot another poor fellow through the throat”.

Following this Low and his friends were forced into hiding, a day they stole a small sloop and turned pirate, determined to make a black Flag and declare War against all the World.

Fast acquiring a taste for cruelty, Low taught his crew torture techniques.


Using his newly captured ship he lay in wait on the popular shipping route between Boston and New York. Within a few days, he and his crew seized a sloop, and plundered it, he also captured a number of unarmed merchantmen.

Low headed south and began operating in the waters of Grand Cayman, with a period as lieutenant to the established pirate George Lowther, who captained a 100-ton sloop named the Ranger with eight cannon and ten swivel guns. Lowther’s crew was constantly expanded by desperate sailors willing to join him.

Following a number of successful raids, Lowther eventually captured a large 6-gun brigantine which he gave it to Low to captain. With a crew of 44, Low amicably dissolved his partnership with Lowther.

Pirate captain

In a notable raid, Low and his crew attacked thirteen fishing vessels sheltering at port. Although outnumbered, Low hoisted his Jolly Roger flag and declared that no mercy would be given to the fishermen if any resisted. The fleet submitted and Low’s men robbed every vessel. Low chose the largest, an 80-ton schooner which he renamed The Fancy and armed with 10 guns, to become his flagship.

He sank the other ships of the fleet, and abandoned his brigantine. A number of the fishermen were forced to join Low, including one who escaped and who wrote a detailed account of life aboard Low’s pirate ship. Before escaping, he had been beaten, whipped, kept in chains, and threatened with death many times, as he refused to sign Low’s articles and become a pirate.

Low’s tactics consist primarily of hoisting false colours and approaching an unsuspecting vessel. Once Low mistook a fully armed man-of-war for a fishing boat, and barely escaped. He moved on capturing a number of boats around the southeast of Newfoundland before crossing the Atlantic to the Azores. There, he captured a former man of war, rearmed and refitted as his new flagship, naming it the Rose Pink.

He also captured an English vessel with two Portuguese passengers aboard. Low had his crew hoist them up and drop them back down from the yard arm, until they died. He moved on to the Canaries, Cape Verde and then back across to the coast of Brazil, where he was driven back by foul weather.

Capsizing of the Rose Pink

Low and his fleet of two ships dropped anchor to remove growth such as seaweed and barnacles from the outside of the boats, necessary because no dry dock was available to pirates. Still relatively inexperienced, Low ordered too many men to the outside of the boat to work on the buildup, and the Rose Pink tipped over too far. The portholes had been left open, and the vessel took on water and sank, with the death of two men. The Pink had been carrying most of the provisions, and Low, by now captaining a captured schooner, the Squirrel, and his crew were forced to strictly ration their fresh water.

Failing to reach their initial destination of Tobago due to light winds and strong currents, Low’s depleted fleet made it to Grenada, a French-owned island. Hiding most of his men belowdecks, he was permitted to send men ashore for water. The following day, a French sloop was sent out to investigate, but was captured when Low’s men came out from hiding. Low, now commanding the captured sloop (renamed the Ranger), gave the schooner Squirrel to his quartermaster, Spriggs, who renamed it the Delight before sailing away in the middle of the night with a small crew following a disagreement with Low over the disciplining of one of Spriggs’ crew.

The new fleet captured many more sloops, including one Low kept, naming it the Fortune. During a trial for a number of Low’s crew, a sailor on board the Fortune named John Welland recalled how Low stripped his boat, including gold to the value of £150, then beat him and cut off his ear with a cutlass.

Cruelties practised by Captain Low

Low’s fleet captured a Portuguese ship, the captain allowed a bag of gold to fall into the sea rather than see it captured. One of Low’s most noted episodes of cruelty followed: in his rage, he slashed off the Portuguese captain’s lips with a cutlass, broiled them, and forced the victim to eat them while still hot. He then murdered the remaining crew. Low’s own men described him as “a maniac and a brute”.

Low burned a French cook alive, saying he was a “greasy fellow who would fry well”,he also killed 53 Spanish captives with his cutlass. Low has a history filled with “mutilations, disembowelings, decapitations, and slaughter”. One failed torture session led to one of Low’s crew members accidentally cutting him in the mouth. Botched surgery left Low scarred.

Low, like other pirates, tries to intimidate his victims into surrendering, by threatening to kill or torture them. The crew of the targeted ship would hinder the officers from defending the ship, so afraid were they of reprisals.

As Low’s success increased in the Caribbean, so did his notoriety. Eventually, a bounty was placed on his head, and Low set out for the Azores, again teaming up with Charles Harris. As they terrorised the Azores, the pressure increased from the authorities, who by then had taken special notice of Edward Low, despite the hordes of pirates in operation at the time.

Capture of the Fancy

Low, Harris and their ships left the Azores for the Carolinas. They suffered a resounding defeat in a battle with a heavily armed man of war that had been dispatched to hunt down Low and his fleet. Low fled in the Fancy with a skeleton crew and £150,000 in gold on board and headed back to the Azores, leaving Harris and the Ranger behind.

The crew of the Ranger, including the ship’s doctor, were tried and hanged for felony, piracy and robbery. Harris was sent back to England and hanged at Execution Dock in Wapping.

End of Low’s career

Low, still captaining the Fancy, sailed north. He captured a whaling vessel, and in a foul mood following the encounter with the Greyhound and the loss of his right-hand man, Harris, tortured the captain before shooting him through the head. He set the whaler’s crew adrift with no provisions, starving them to death.

Remaining off the coast of North America, his crew took a fishing boat near Block Island. Low decapitated the ship’s master, and sent the crew ashore. When he captured two more fishing boats near Rhode Island, his actions became so savage his crew refused to carry out his orders to torture the fishermen.

Heading south again, Low captured a 22-gun French ship and a large Virginian merchant vessel, the Merry. Following the defeat by the Greyhound, Low became “peculiarly cruel” to his English victims. His fleet of three ships rejoined forces with George Lowther. Low and Lowther’s fleet captured the Delight off the coast of Guinea, mounting fourteen guns on her, with command being given to Spriggs. Two days later, Spriggs and Lowther both abandoned Low, leaving him the Merry Christmas, by now mounted with 34 guns, as his sole ship.


Low was set adrift without provisions by the crew of the Merry, in a mutiny brought about by Low’s murdering of a sleeping subordinate following an argument. Low was subsequently rescued by a French ship.

Captain Edward Ned Low
Human Half-Fiend CR 14
XP 38400
Any Medium Humanoid (Outsider) Native Subtype Rogue level 6 (skill points 72) Rogue (Pirate )  Swashbuckler level 8 (skill points 64) Swashbuckler
Init +7; Senses Darkvision 60; Perception +17
AC 25, Touch 19, flat footed 17 (+2 Studded Leather, Shield, none)  (+5 Dexterity, +1 Natural, +5 armour, +3 feats, +1 deflection)
hp 122 (0d8+6d8+8d10+28+6+14);
Fort +6, Ref +16, Will +6
Damage reduction 10/magic, Immunity to poison, Resistance to Acid 10, Cold 10, Electricity 10, Fire 10, Spell Resistance HD + 10
Speed 30
Single Attack(+2/+2) Rapier +21 (1d6+10/15-20) Wounding or (+1/+0) Pistol +18 (1d8 X4)
Full Attack (+2/+2) Rapier +21/16/11 (1d6+10/15-20) Wounding  Bite +12 (1d6+5) Claw +12 (1d4+5) or (+1/+0) Pistol +18 (1d8 X4) range 20
Space 5ft.; Reach 5 
Special Attacks

Smite good 1/day extra damage = to HD

Menacing Swordplay (Ex) At 3rd level, while she has at least 1 panache point, when a swashbuckler hits an opponent with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon, she can choose to use Intimidate to demoralize that opponent as a swift action instead of a standard action.

Opportune Parry and Riposte (Ex) At 1st level, when an opponent makes a melee attack against the swashbuckler, she can spend 1 panache point and expend a use of an attack of opportunity to attempt to parry that attack. The swashbuckler makes an attack roll as if she were making an attack of opportunity; for each size category the attacking creature is larger than the swashbuckler, the swashbuckler takes a -2 penalty on this roll. If her result is greater than the attacking creatures result, the creatures attack automatically misses. The swashbuckler must declare the use of this ability after the creatures attack is announced, but before its attack roll is made. Upon performing a successful parry and if she has at least 1 panache point, the swashbuckler can as an immediate action make an attack against the creature whose attack she parried, provided that creature is within her reach.

Sneak Attack Sneak attack at an extra (D6) 3

Superior Feint (Ex) At 7th level, a swashbuckler with at least 1 panache point can, as a standard action, purposefully miss a creature she could make a melee attack against with a wielded light or one-handed piercing weapon. When she does, the creature is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC until the start of the swashbucklers next turn.

Swashbuckler Initiative (Ex) At 3rd level, while the swashbuckler has at least 1 panache point, she gains a +2 bonus on initiative checks. In addition, if she has the Quick Draw feat, her hands are free and unrestrained, and she has any single light or one-handed piercing melee weapon that isnt hidden, she can draw that weapon as part of the initiative check.

Swashbuckler Weapon Training (Ex) At 5th level, a swashbuckler gains a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with one-handed or light piercing melee weapons. While wielding such a weapon, she gains the benefit of the Improved Critical feat. These attack and damage bonuses increase by 1 for every 4 levels beyond 5th level (to a maximum of +4 at 17th level).Bonus =+ 1

Targeted Strike (Ex) At 7th level, as a full-round action the swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point to make an attack with a single light or one-handed piercing melee weapon that cripples part of a foes body. The swashbuckler chooses a part of the body to target. If the attack succeeds, in addition to the attacks normal damage, the target suffers one of the following effects based on the part of the body targeted. If a creature doesnt have one of the listed body locations, that body part cannot be targeted. Creatures that are immune to sneak attacks are also immune to targeted strikes. Items or abilities that protect a creature from critical hits also protect a creature from targeted strikes.

Arms: The target takes no damage from the attack, but it drops one carried item of the swashbucklers choice, even if the item is wielded with two hands. Items held in a locked gauntlet cannot be chosen.

Head: The target is confused for 1 round. This is a mind-affecting effect.

Legs: The target is knocked prone. Creatures with four or more legs or that are immune to trip attacks are immune to this effect.

Torso or Wings: The target is staggered for 1 round.

Spell-like Abilities
Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 2nd DC(15) 1-2 HD 1/day Darkness


Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 2nd DC(15) 3-4 HD 1/day Desecrate

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 4th DC(17) 5-6 HD 1/day Unholy Blight

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 4th DC(17) 7-8 HD 1/day Poison

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 4th DC(17) 9-10 HD 1/day Contagation

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 5th DC(18) 13-14 HD 1/day Unhallow

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 7th DC(20) 11-12 HD 1/day Blasphemy

Spell-like Abilities (CHR) 8th DC(21) 13-14 HD 3/Day Unholy Aura


Strength 18 + 2 = 20, Dexterity 21, Constitution 13 + 2 = 15, Intelligence 17, Wisdom 10, Charisma 16
Base Attack 12 CMB 17 ; CMD 36
Feats: Assault Leader (Ex), Hard to Fool (Ex), Agile Maneuvers, Weapon Specialization, Armour Prof Light, Deceitful, Dodge, Evasion, Exotic Weapon Prof, Improved Critical, Iron Will, Sea Legs, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Skill Focus (Stealth), Toughness, Weapon Finesse, Weapon Focus;
Skills Acrobatics 26, Appraise 10, Bluff 24, Climb 31, Craft 3, Diplomacy 11, Disable Device 9, Disguise 9, Escape Artist 12, Fly 5, Intimidate 20, Know Dungeon 3, Know Local 14, Know Nobility 14, Linguistics 3, Perception 17, Perform 10, Profession 0, Ride 5, Sense Motive 10, Sleight of Hand 15, Stealth 28, Swim 12, Use Magic Device 9
Languages Common

Other Natural weapons treated as magical
Charmed Life (Ex) At 2nd level, the swashbuckler gains a knack for getting out of trouble. Three times per day as an immediate action before attempting a saving throw, she can add her Charisma modifier to the result of the save. She must choose to do this before the roll is made. At 6th level and every 4 levels thereafter, the number of times she can do this per day increases by one (to a maximum of 7 times per day at 18th level). 4
Deeds Swashbucklers spend panache points to accomplish deeds. Most deeds grant the swashbuckler a momentary bonus or effect, but some provide longer-lasting effects. Some deeds remain in effect while the swashbuckler has at least 1 panache point, but do not require expending panache to be maintained. A swashbuckler can only perform deeds of her level or lower. Unless otherwise noted, a deed can be performed multiple successive times, as long as the swashbuckler has or spends the required number of panache points to perform the deed.
Derring-Do (Ex) At 1st level, a swashbuckler can spend 1 panache point when she makes an Acrobatics, Climb, Escape Artist, Fly, Ride, or Swim check to roll 1d6 and add the result to the check. She can do this after she makes the check but before the result is revealed. If the result of the d6 roll is a natural 6, she rolls another 1d6 and adds it to the check. She can continue to do this as long as she rolls natural 6s, up to a number of times equal to her Dexterity modifier (minimum 1).
Dodging Panache (Ex) At 1st level, when an opponent attempts a melee attack against the swashbuckler, the swashbuckler can as an immediate action spend 1 panache point to move 5 feet; doing so grants the swashbuckler a dodge bonus to AC equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 0) against the triggering attack. This movement doesnt negate the attack, which is still resolved as if the swashbuckler had not moved from the original square. This movement is not a 5-foot step; it provokes attacks of opportunity from creatures other than the one who triggered this deed. The swashbuckler can only perform this deed while wearing light or no armor, and while carrying no heavier than a light load.
Evasion Reflex save no damage instead of 1/2
Kip-Up (Ex) At 3rd level, while the swashbuckler has at least 1 panache point, she can kip-up from prone as a move action without provoking an attack of opportunity. She can kip-up as a swift action instead by spending 1 panache point.
Nimble (Ex) Gains a dodge bonus to AC while wearing light or no armor. Anything that causes the gunslinger to lose her Dexterity bonus to AC also causes the gunslinger to lose this dodge bonus. Bonus = + 2
Panache (Ex) More than just a lightly armored warrior, a swashbuckler is a daring combatant. She fights with panache: a fluctuating measure of a swashbucklers ability to perform amazing actions in combat. At the start of each day, a swashbuckler gains a number of panache points equal to her Charisma modifier (minimum 1). Her panache goes up or down throughout the day, but usually cannot go higher than her Charisma modifier (minimum 1), though feats and magic items can affect this maximum. A swashbuckler spends panache to accomplish deeds (see below), and regains panache in the following ways.
Critical Hit with a Light or One-Handed Piercing Melee Weapon: Each time the swashbuckler confirms a critical hit with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon, she regains 1 panache point. Confirming a critical hit on a helpless or unaware creature or a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the swashbucklers character level doesn’t restore panache.Killing Blow with a Light or One-Handed Piercing Melee Weapon: When the swashbuckler reduces a creature to 0 or fewer hit points with a light or one-handed piercing melee weapon attack while in combat, she regains 1 panache point. Destroying an unattended object, reducing a helpless or unaware creature to 0 or fewer hit points, or reducing a creature that has fewer Hit Dice than half the swashbucklers character level to 0 or fewer hit points doesn’t restore any panache.Reduce Class Feats reduce by 1
Sea Legs (Ex) Gains feat
Swashbuckler Finesse (Ex) At 1st level, a swashbuckler gains the benefits of the Weapon Finesse feat with light or one-handed piercing melee weapons, and she can use her Charisma score in place of Intelligence as a prerequisite for combat feats. This ability counts as having the Weapon Finesse feat for purposes of meeting feat prerequisites.
Swashbucklers Grace (Ex) At 7th level, while the swashbuckler has at least 1 panache point, she takes no penalty for moving at full speed when she uses Acrobatics to attempt to move through a threatened area or an enemys space.
Swinging Reposition (Ex) In light armor on ship can reposition. After making a charge or bull rush, can move 5 ft
Uncanny Dodge Retains Dexterity bonus if flat footed
Unflinching (Ex) saving throws against fear and mind-affecting effects bonus = 2
Native Subtype:This subtype is applied only to outsiders. These creatures have mortal ancestors or a strong connection to the Material Plane and can be raised, reincarnated, or resurrected just as other living creatures can be. creatures with this subtype are native to the Material Plane. Unlike true outsiders, native outsiders need to eat and sleep.

Environment Any
Organization Company 10-20, Band 30-100, Squad 4-8
Treasure Standard

MAGIC ITEMS (max value 34800) = Total Value = 33850

Amulet of health (+2) +2 Constitution, +2 Studded Leather, Belt of giant strength (+2) +2 Strength, Bracers of armour (+1) +1AC, Gloves of swimming and climbing +5 swim and climb, Bag of holding (Type I) 250 lbs, Potion of Darkness -, Potion of Cure moderate wounds -, Potion of Rage -, Ring of Protection (+1) +1AC, +2 Rapier, Wounding : +1 point of bleed damage. can be stopped by a DC 15 Heal check or any healing spell., Masterwork Pistol,