npc Elaine of Carbonek

"Grail Maiden" by Herb Roe
“Grail Maiden” by Herb Roe

Elaine of Carbonek ( “The Grail Maiden”) is the daughter of Pelles, the Fisher King and Lord of Carbonek.

Elaine’s father Pelles was prophesied to be the grandfather of the bearer of the Holy Grail. He wanted the father of the future Grail hero to be the bravest and most chivalric knight. When Lancelot paid a visit to Corbenic Castle, Pelles saw the chance to make the prophecy come true. He ordered Elaine’s handmaiden to give Lancelot a potion to make him unaware of his doings. With the aid of a magical disguise and potion, Elaine appears as Guinevere to Lancelot and twice tricked him into sleeping with her. From this union, she becomes the mother of Galahad, the Grail knight.