NPC Gilles Garnier (The Hermit of St. Bonnot, The Werewolf of Dôle)

Gilles Garnier is a rogue werewolf and witch, a member of the witches of the howling moon. He regularly murders and eats young children.

This reclusive hermit lived outside the small city of Dole in the County of Burgundy. He has recently been married and moved his new wife out to his isolated home. Being unaccustomed to feeding more than just himself he found it difficult to provide for his wife causing discontent between them. During this period several children have gone missing or were found dead and the authorities of the province issued an edict encouraging and allowing the people to apprehend and kill the werewolf responsible. One evening a group of workers travelling from a neighbouring town came upon what they thought in the dim light to be a wolf but what some recognised as the hermit with the body of a dead child. Soon after Gilles Garnier disappeared, he has been spotted since sometimes seen in human shape, sometimes as the “loup-garou”.