The island is sacred to Hephaestus, who fell on Lemnos when Zeus hurled him headlong out of Olympus.There, he was cared for by the Sintians, "pirates and raiders". Hephaestus' forge,  is located on the island.

When Dionysus found Ariadne abandoned on Naxos, he brought her to Lemnos and there fathered Thoas, Staphylus, Oenopion, and Peparethus.

There is a remarkable labyrinth in Lemnos.

Philoctetes was left on Lemnos by the Greeks on their way to Troy; and there he suffered ten years' agony from his wounded foot, until Odysseus and Neoptolemus induced him to accompany them to Troy. He lived beside Mount Hermaeus, which Aeschylus makes one of the beacon points to flash the news of Troy's downfall home to Argos.