Divine Water Mastery

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Carl Blechen (1798–1840) Title: Stormy sea with Lighthouse Carl Blechen (1798–1840) Title: Stormy sea with Lighthouse
Deities & Demigods By Rich Redman, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

The deity has mastery over water.

Prerequisites: Water domain.

Benefit: The deity gains a competence bonus on attack, damage, and Armor Class equal to its divine rank if both the deity and its foe are touching the same body of water. The deity gains a swim speed commensurate with its size (see Divine Characteristics).

At will, as a full-round action, the deity can create a devastating tidal wave of water. On land, the wave has effects similar to a flash flood: Creatures caught in the water must make a Fortitude save (DC 15). Large or smaller creatures that fail the save are swept away, taking 1d6 points of subdual damage per round (1d3 points on a successful swim check against DC 20). Huge creatures that fail are knocked down, while Gargantuan and Colossal creatures are checked. (See the Weather Hazards section.) The wave destroys all wooden buildings and 25% of the stone buildings it comes into contact with. At sea, the tidal wave capsizes ships and crushes them to splinters. The wave affects a number of miles of coastland up to the deity’s divine rank.

When touching water, the deity can automatically sense the location of anything within 10 feet per divine rank that is in contact with the same body of water.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Water.

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To Salient Divine Abilities

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