Life and Death

The game is done! I’ve won, I’ve won! Gerald Metcalfe, from Poems, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, London, 1907. The game is done! Iíve won, Iíve won! Gerald Metcalfe, from Poems, by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, London, 1907.
To Salient Divine Abilities

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Deities & Demigods
By Rich Redman, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

The deity can kill a mortal creature almost anywhere. Likewise, the deity can bestow life upon any dead mortal being almost anywhere.

Prerequisites: Divine rank 6, Gift of Life or Hand of Death salient divine ability.

Benefit: The deity designates any mortal and snuffs out its life. Or the deity can designate any dead mortal and restore it to life.

Notes: This ability works across planar boundaries and penetrates any barrier except a Divine Shield. However, the subject must be in a location the deity can sense, either within the deity ’s sense range or in a location the deity can perceive through its remote sensing ability. If the deity cannot see the subject, the deity must unambiguously identify the subject in some fashion, such as by reciting the subject’s time and place of birth or death, listing the subject’s notable or infamous deeds, or something similar. If the deity chooses to kill a mortal, the ability works like the destruction spell, except that there is no material component or saving throw. The mortal cannot be raised or resurrected afterward, except by a deity of equal or higher rank using the Gift of Life or Life and Death salient divine ability.

If the deity restores life to a mortal, this ability works like the true resurrection spell, except that there is no material component and the amount of time the subject has been dead is irrelevant.

This ability cannot restore a creature to life against its will, but it can resurrect an elemental or outsider. It can resurrect a creature whose soul is trapped (as the trap the soul spell), provided the soul is not held by a deity of higher rank than the one using this ability.

This ability cannot restore life to a creature that has been slain by the Hand of Death, Life and Death, or Mass Life and Death ability of a deity with a higher rank.

Rest: After using either version of this ability, the deity must rest for 1 minute per level or Hit Die of the creature affected.

Deities whose portfolio includes death do not have to rest after using this ability.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Death, supreme.

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To Salient Divine Abilities



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