Mass Life and Death

To Salient Divine Abilities

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Deities & Demigods
By Rich Redman, Skip Williams, James Wyatt

The deity can kill large numbers of mortal creatures almost anywhere. Likewise, the deity can bestow life upon large numbers of dead mortals almost anywhere.

Prerequisites: Divine rank 16, Gift of Life or Hand of Death salient divine ability, Life and Death salient divine ability.

Benefit: The deity can designate any number of mortals and snuffs out their lives. Or the deity can designate any number of dead mortals and restore them to life.

Notes: No two mortals affected by a single use of this ability can be more than one mile apart per rank of the deity.

The ability is otherwise identical with the Life and Death salient divine ability.

Rest: After using either version of this ability, the deity must rest for 1 minute per levels or Hit Dice of the creatures affected.

Suggested Portfolio Elements: Death, supreme.

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To Salient Divine Abilities

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