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Enchantment Compulsion [Sonic]
Witch 1, Sorcerer/Wizard 2, Bard 1
Components: V
Casting Time: 1 Action
Range: 50 ft
Target, Effect, Area: Close (10ft.)
Duration: 1 spoken sentence per 3 levels
Saving Throw: Will halves bonus
Spell Resistance: Yes

This spell enables the caster to lie so convincingly that anyone within range will believe anything she says, unless of course their senses tell them otherwise.

This spell grants a +10 bonus on a single Charisma check, as long as what is said is limited to one sentence for every two levels. The material component of this spell is a holly berry, which juices must cover the surface of the tongue.

Note: Using an Intimidate check generally requires a single sentence "Give me the map or I'll tear your eyes out". Using a Perform check to dazzle the audience with a song will create an extraordinary effect for the first few lines depending on the casters level, but the audiences interest fades after that. However, using this with a Bluff check requiring multiple sentences makes things more complicated. Here's an example.

Example: Janix the 1st level Witch has broken into an alchemist's shop when the town guard comes in. She casts Silver Tongue in hopes of getting out of the situation.

-What are you doing?· (The spell takes effect) here.
-Oh, I'm the new cleaning person (Bluff check= 10+Charisma mod+ranks) (spell effect ends)
-Oh yea, how long have you worked here? (Bluff check=Charisma mod+ranks)·
-Oh, just hired yesterday·
-That seems awfully suspicious, who are you really?

If the wearer of a ring of truth is listening to you then the words of the lie are not heard, thus indirectly revealing the lie to the ring user.


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