spell Spider Legs


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of Vile Darkness 3.5

Monte Cook


Cleric 2
Components: V, S, F
Casting Time: 1 action
Range: Personal
Target: Caster Duration:

1 minute/level

The caster grows four long
spider legs from the sides of her torso. She can use these legs to move at a
speed of 30 feet, no matter what the caster’s normal speed is, as long
as she carries less than her maximum load. The caster can also use the extra
legs to Climb on vertical surfaces or even traverse ceilings as well as a spider
does, with her hands completely free. The caster has a Climb speed of 15 feet.

A creature with a Strength score of at least 20 +1 per caster level can pull the caster off a wall or ceiling.

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