spell Strength of Stone

of Stone

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Compendium, p. 211)

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Level: Paladin 2,

Components: V, S, DF,

Casting Time: 1 swift action

Range: Personal

Target: You

Duration: 1 round

You call upon the fortitude
of the powers of good, and your flesh turns an ivory-gray hue as you draw power
up through the earth itself.

The spell grants you a
+8 enhancement bonus to Strength.
The spell ends instantly if you lose contact with the ground. This means you
cannot jump, tumble,
charge, run, or move more than your speed in a round (because these acts cause
both of your feet to leave the ground) without breaking the spell. A natural
stone wall or ceiling counts as the ground for the purpose of this spell (so
you could climb a cavern wall and not lose the spell).

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