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(Settlement) Corinth

  • Coat of arms/Flag
  • General Aligment –
  • Settlement size –
  • Corruption +; Crime +; Economy +; Law +; Lore +; Society +
  • Qualities –
  • Danger +
  • Demographics
  • Country-
  • Government –
  • Legislature –
  • Population
  • Places of interest –
  • Current Ruler –
  • Other Notable residents –
  • Marketplace
  • Base Value ; Purchase Limit ; Spellcasting
  • Minor Items ; Medium Items ; Major Items

The city was
founded by Corinthos, a descendant of the god Helios.
found the present line of kings. It was also in Corinth
that Jason, the leader of the
abandoned Medea.

During the Trojan
War Corinthians participated under the leadership of Agamemnon.

Corinth is
a major exporter of pottery to cities around the Hellanic world, Corinth’s great
temple is dedicated to Aphrodite.

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