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Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

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Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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The armoured carriage is
built along the same lines as a normal carriage, featuring a nearly identical
silhouette. The only difference in outline is the addition of a raised steel
shield around the driver’s seat, granting cover to anyone sitting in it.
Despite similarities in outline, however, the construction of an armoured carriage
is significantly different from that of a normal carriage. The axle and wheels
are composed entirely of metal, making for a sturdy, if bumpy, ride. Further,
the outside of the carriage, above, below and on the sides, is covered with
half-inch thick plates of steel riveted to the wood beneath, granting the vehicle
a hardness of 15 and 35 hit points. The small windows of the carriage are equipped
with steel shutters that can be dropped to cover the openings and locked in
place. The doors to the carriage are also made of steel, a full inch thick,
and outfitted with several locks and latches to hold them shut. The cover the
amoured carriage grant to those within, even with the window shutters open,
is nearly total, providing them with double the normal bonuses for cover (in
other words, they receive an armour class bonus of +8 and a Reflex save bonus
of +4). Those within can still fire ranged weapons through the open windows.

An armoured carriage is
heavy and cumbersome, requiring a team of four horses to pull it effectively.

Carriage, Armoured:
1,500 gp; 1,300 lb.



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