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Rudolf Koller (1828–1905) Title: Gotthardpost Date 1873 Rudolf Koller (1828–1905) Title: Gotthardpost Date 1873 

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This four-wheeled
vehicle can transport as many as four people within an enclosed cab, in addition
to one driver and one other person seated next to the driver (often armed).
In general, horses (or two other beasts of burden) draw it. A carriage comes
with the harness needed to pull it.

The carriage’s roof
can carry 200 pounds of cargo.

Large land vehicle

Squares 6 (10 ft. by 15 ft.; 6 feet high); Cost 100 gp
AC 9; Hardness 5

hp 90 (44)

Base Save +1
Maximum Speed twice
the speed of the pulling creature(s); Acceleration the speed of the pulling
creature(s) CMB +1; CMD 11

Ramming Damage 1d8
Propulsion muscle
(pulled; 6 Medium creatures or 2 Large creatures)

Driving Check Handle Animal or Profession (driver) (in the case of creatures
with animal intelligence pulling the vehicle), Diplomacy or Intimidate
(in the case of intelligent creatures pulling the vehicle)

Forward Facing toward the creatures pulling the vehicle

Driving Device reins

Driving Space the most forward squares if the carriage’s upper deck.

Decks 2; a lower cab with enough room for four passengers, and an upper
deck with room for a driver and another passenger.

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