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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

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Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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To quickly slow a ship
travelling at high speed in deep water, the drag anchor is vastly superior to
a normal anchor. It is a large metal cone, four to five feet long with an opening
about three feet across. On either side of the opening is a pivoting loop, through
which chain or thick rope is run to connect the drag anchor to its ship. The
drag anchor is thrown overboard, where it acts as a ‘water parachute’
to quickly slow the ship. Once the ship has been brought to a stop, the drag
anchor is winched back to the ship. The point of the cone has a thick metal
eye on it, designed to accept a hook. When the drag anchor’s eye has been
hooked, it can be raised up out of the water point-first with a windlass, dumping
its contents as it leaves the water. A ship with a drag anchor can come to a
stop in half the regular time.

Drag Anchor: 110 gp;
450 lb.



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