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Hideously expensive, hull
armour is nonetheless a vital component for any ship intending to engage in
ship to ship combat, or planning to travel through waters inhabited by hostile

Initially, hull armour
was intended to cover only a few feet of a ship’s hull, just above and
just below the waterline, to protect it from the devastating attack of an enemy
ship’s ram. In time, however, hull armour began to creep upward, eventually
extending to just a few inches below the gunwale of the ship and offering it
protection from the stones and bolts of siege engines like the ballista and
the catapult. Hull armour reduces the damage done by an enemy ship’s ram
by five points, and subtracts one damage die from the damage done by any siege
engine attack (for example, a ballista would deal only 2d8 damage against a
ship equipped with hull armour). It is important for Games Masters to remember
that hull armour only protects against attacks that impact the hull itself,
not the deck or rigging of the ship.

If desired, it is possible
for the shipwrights to cover the entire hull of the ship, from keel to gunwale,
with armour. This option, though it makes hull armour even more frighteningly
expensive, is considered indispensable by captains who fear they will face other
foes than enemy ships in their voyages. Extending hull armour across the entire
hull can help stave off attacks by hostile undersea creatures like sahaugin,
who otherwise enjoy hacking holes into the hulls of ships. To extend hull armour’s
coverage to encompass the entire hull, double the price of the armour.

Hull armour is composed
of sheets of bronze or copper. Though softer and weaker than steel, these metals
can survive long immersion in salt water, where steel cannot. Hull armour is
sold in ten-foot wide sections. To determine the number of sections required
to protect a ship, double the ship’s length and divide by ten. For example,
a 100-foot long warship would require 20 sections of hull armour to protect
it. The price of hull armour does include installation.

Hull Armour (10-foot
section): 1,500 gp



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