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Equipment Guide II

Greg Lynch, J. C. Alvarez

Publisher Mongoose

Publish date 2005

ISBN 1-904854-97-4

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A kayak is similar in design
to a canoe. It was created in arctic climes, but will serve just as well in
any climate. A kayak’s body is shorter and slimmer than a canoe, with a
lower profile on the water. It is formed of sheets of laminated wood sealed
together, and, unlike a canoe, it is almost completely enclosed. Designed for
use by one person only, the kayak has a single hole in the top of the craft,
where the pilot of the craft sits. In front of the hole, within the body of
the kayak, is enough space for the user’s legs; the rim of the hole he
is sitting in is just above his waist. The hole has a thick ‘skirt’
of oiled leather, that fits tightly against the body of the person sitting in
the kayak. The oiled leather forms a nearly watertight seal around the person.
In the space behind the hole is the kayak’s small cargo area. Additional
cargo can be stored in the nose of the kayak, in whatever space the user’s
legs do not occupy. The oil leather skirt of the kayak keeps water from splashing
into the cargo area of the kayak. A kayak can turn over completely, even be
fully submerged, and the cargo stored inside it will remain dry.

Though small and nimble,
a kayak is an extremely sturdy vehicle, made up as it is of sheets of laminated
wood over a hardwood frame. The agility of the kayak gives the character piloting
it a +3 circumstance bonus to his efforts. The kayak has a hardness of 5 and
20 hit points.

Kayak: 90 gp; 50 lb.



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